Hey gals – I got gauge last night with the 3mm – hooray! – and was all excited to really get started today. So I started the I-cord on the train this morning and was having a b**ch of a time getting it to be nice and round and even like Hanne says, on those teeny little needles. So after a few cm or so, I got the hang of it, pulling the first stitch on the row tight and then tugging the whole thing down after each ‘row’. So far so good. It’s a little lumpy, but not too bad. It’s just SLOW.

So then a train ahead of mine hits and kills someone. No kidding. So I’m I-cording along there in the stopped train for aeons. 2 HOURS later, I’m at a measly 27 cm, not even halfway to the end of the bloody I-cord. And then… I pull to tighten my first stitch — the same way I’ve been doing for 2 hours — and the yarn breaks.

So here’s my dilemma: do I try to add a new strand and keep going, or start again? 2 hours seems like a lot to lose – but I know folks have frogged and restarted with a lot more effort already put in. So I guess I’ve answered my own question… grr…

Any advice on making the I-cord-making less painful? Does mine look abnormally lumpy to you? Am I obsessing about completely minor details?