February 07
Second Sock Syndrome for Stumps… A knitting drive for amputees!
Second Sock Syndrome …. a knitters bane— the root of much angst and knitting guilt. (OK, maybe a bit of melodrama… but you know— I’m good with that!)

I believe I have found the cure.

Second Sock Syndrome for Stumps. (and mittens, gloves- slippers!) tag line: “Half a pair for me- perfect for an amputee!”

I’m in the process of contacting organizations of support for amputees- looking to partner handknitters- with a source for distribution….

What if- our incomplete pairs… were perfect gifts for amputees? What if, instead of guilt there was giving?

Lets do it! Besides- if you’ve signed up for the remarkable “Yarnharlot’s” Knitting Olympics… you may be good to go!

What we’ll need: Second Sock Syndrome for Stumps

1) a resource for distribution… (I’m researching- but if YOU have a contact with a hospital or organization— that would be wonderful! ( you can e-mail me here: soltrcy at aol dot com- PLEASE put SSSS in the subject line)

2) A method of organization- (I’d suggest items to be placed- clearly labeled with item name, fiber content, size and L or R where applicable into a zip lock bag, with a note of encouragement and blessing from the knitter let’s make this personal and loving!)

3) A button..hmmm and a CONTEST… (gotta have it!) Start sending your button ideas asap— gee…. maybe the winner will recieve SOCK YARN! How about koigu, regia…. etc? We’ll close the button contest on Feb 23.

4) PR—- POST about it— link to it— e-mail your knitting groups about it……!

5) YOUR handknit one-of- a kind items…… SOCKS, MITTENS, GLOVES, SLIPPERS.

I’m a TEAM player—-I am sure there are loads of details we’ll have to bump out— please post your ideas and suggestions— YOU’LL make this SSSS Drive GREAT!


Dear Lord- I know people struggle thru the process of adjusting to an amputation, I also can see the experiences of some amputees as inspirational…. I hope this project can communicate love- thoughtful care and comfort for someone who experiences an amputation….please help me be sensitive- and smart in this project’s planning and completion… and help others catch the idea! amen