Further catch up——– man a week of sickness really puts you behind!
Picture pages, picture pages… time to get your paper and your crayons…..

Sorry- Captain Kangaroo hi-jacked my blog….


In a relevant culture— I’ve just jumped the shark— and landed in irrelevancy. Sorry.


Back to updates:

Pics below are long over due!!!!!

Another thnx to my SP7—– for the before mentioned pkg of fibery love….

You can see the gorgeous purple silk…. the lavander… the soap.. (Did you knit the little bag?— way cute!)
the chocolate—-which I now can eat without guilt… as I’ve posted a pic!)

You can’t see the sweet card- in which she talks about my “heart work” as of late…… truth is—- I’m ALWAYS doing a lot of heart work…. interesting thing about walking with God—- He’s always involved….. showing Himself— and stuff about myself—- and tweaking things… never boring!

You can also see the felted bag my sis in law sent me— adorable- thnx again! I’m now the proud owner of 2 Missie originals!!!!!!!!!!

You’ve got to check out her ETSY SHOP( link below) ———- she makes the best stitch markers—- though…. the banana/monkey ones are gone—- and would have been perfect for my trip to see Curious George!!!!!!

http://crazycatladymel.livejournal.com/ (scroll down for the monkeys)

http://crazycatladymel.etsy.com/ (etsy shop)

Also- you can see My completed “TEMPTING” http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTtempting.html It looks right— with the exception of the ribbon…. (which has proved to be a pain in the behind to find— everywhere local carries the hanah silk in 7/8″ not the wider widths—- adn LOADS of the online sellers only offer them in huge rolls- for $40 and over,…. I only need like 3 1/2 yards! Anyway—- wide robbon was purchased from here- http://www.artemisinc.com/ (in case you ended up at my blog by googling “Tempting” and will need Hanah Silk ribbon for completion!

I made the lg…. which fits- but- honestly——— I’m not thrilled with the fit. I think it’s better suited to skinny women…..bummer. I’ll try it on and take a picture with the new ribbon– then will decide.

Above and behind all the completed goodies—- you can see a design project I’m working on—- let’s call it “Birch for Booty-ful Women” I’ve long been considering and purchased the Rowan Mag- twice— to make the infamous “Birch” theres just something I love about it’s look…. however- in practicality—- after 3 boys.. a triangular shawl as this one—- isn’t the most attractive on— basically- they’d point to the “booty” which I avoid doing at all cost.

So- I’m using the “Perky Leaves Ground” Pattern from “The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffman” http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/188301042X/ref=sr_11_1/002-0724341-0611221?%5Fencoding=UTF8

I wanted something yummy- sof- and warm… so cast on with knit-picks- Panache in Coal– (If you haven’t tried it— do it- It’s fabulous!) http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/itemid_5420137/yarn_display.aspx -on big size 10 Lantern Moons….(Ebony- nice for this project…)

I Cast on 55- with a “Cable Cast On” Which allows 2 GS on each side… I then basically knit up 5 yummy skeins- then transferred to addi turbos- as a stitch holder— I then cast on the “Second tail” … I’ll decide and experiment with the join later… I’m thinking about adding a simple knit on border of “Mother’s Handkerchief Edging” also from the same book—- the repeat, of 8 rows… which should line up nicely with the 16 row repeat in the “Perky Leaves”….

So that’s my knitting catch-up—- I’m feeling better—- and will post more content later-

Dear Lord— Thnx for helping me feel better— being sick- DOES make me appreciate being well so more more! I also thank you for the the Heart work we do together—- you are incredible Lord- and I love you! Amen.