February 10
Needs and Wants….. Oh the trauma—- for a momma…..cell phones are NOT a convenience item… they are a necessity. Huh???
Kids are awesome. They say what they think. I like it.
I’m teaching at www.metrosouthchurch.com I “get” to teach there a couple times a month. I love it.

Interesting thing..though… the more I teach— the more I learn.

Last weeks lesson was about “needs versus wants” It was based on Psalm23

“The Lord is my Shepherd, He gives me what I need.”

The Point: God promises to give us what we need, not necessarily, everything we want.

I had a bunch of stuff on the table… cell phone….bling-jeans….credit cards…..twinkie box, oranges….make-up, car keys….

The goal was to practice identifying “Needs” from “Wants”….

Here’s where it got interesting…..they were with me–bling jeans- not a need….twinkies— not a need- (I’m just NOT mature enough in Christ to put Chocolate on that table—— I don’t WANT it to be a WANT….) healthy food? – (oranges) yes, a need….- Until , we got to cell phones— they ABSOLUTELY could not identify a cell phone as a want— or a convenience item…. they were adamant. I even said— “OK… YOU need a cell phone– (or your parents do…) But- I’m telling you—– I don’t. It’s a convenience.” After some debate….. they caved… but barely.

It’s funny how our wants and conveniences— so easily become “pseudo-needs”….. We’re great at convincing ourselves.. aren’t we?

Like cell pones…. or cable…. or broadband… or clothes for success.. or insert your item here__________…

Honestly- I have those things. I’m NOT saying they are bad. I like having them. But I KNOW they are conveniences… wants. These things are not promised to me by God.

I’m not a sugar-coater when it comes to the Bible— and I think it’s important to help kids get into the Bible- as a resource for daily living… and finding asnwers to hard questions… like if God PROMISES to give what we NEED… then why are believers— homeless…. or hungry… or starving and sick?

Mother Theresa said it this way….

“When a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed. “

and like this….
“You and I, we are the Church, no? We have to share with our people. Suffering today is because people are hoarding, not giving, not sharing. Jesus made it very clear. Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me.Give a glass of water, you give it to me. Receive a littlechild, you receive me. “

I said it like this:

God gives us all that we need- and then we have plenty to share—– together- we have enough- when we share. But- when we use all of our money.. time talents…. to get (do) what we WANT…. we may have little left to give.. then, others may go without.

It doesn’t mean we can’t have anything….. but it does mean…. we can’t have EVERYTHING…..

Sometimes God will just keep saying the same things to you— in different ways—- different places— until you get it…..I recieved the following e-mail today….

Wants Vs. Needs
(from an Jean Chatsky Money tips e-mail)
Do you know the difference between a want and a need? I think that very few things are really needs: medicine, food, the roof over your head, gas for the car that you drive back and forth to work. There’s nothing wrong with buying the things you want IF you can afford them-but what if you know before you plunk your credit card down on the counter that it’s a stretch? Then don’t plunk. If your feet take you into the store and then into the dressing room and then to the counter, open your mouth and tell the salesperson you’d like to put the items on hold. Then leave. If, 24 hours later, you’re not thinking about the pants or skirt or dress or whatever it was you almost bought, then you know for a fact that you didn’t need it. Chances are you didn’t want it very much either.

Jean Chatsky, Mother Theresa— Jesus….. they make it sound so easy to decipher—– and while I laugh about the kids— having trouble knowing the difference…. what about me?????


I went to Meijers this morning…. I NEEDED some breakfast items— for my guys….. I came out with $100 bucks of stuff… some I needed… some I didn’t — mostly for the kids…but- I thought I needed it at the time…….didn’t I?????

Money—- time—–energy—- care— all of our resources are limited……but- if we SHARE, WE HAVE PLENTY…. I have so much I could give…….if I gave a little less to myself, in the form of my wants. The truth is— I LOVE to give…. I like to delight people– with loving gifts…..with attention, with care.

I have a friend who made me laugh- she said I’m like Tinkerbell…. I like to make wishes come true….. with a wave of my wand….. but maybe I need a refocus—- onto giving what others NEED…… first.

Is it really about money??? I doubt it. People are pretty quick to cut a check… when there is a need….But, what about time???? Talents???? Is there something I could share, that I’m not already??? How about you????? Honestly—- I find “fundraising” much easier to accomplish, than “life raising”…. people who’ll invest- their lives- and hearts…. with a check written , from their personal TIME, account. I mostly don’t FEEL like I have much to give here—- not much time… not much energy.. not much sensitivity… but I know this— I want to give what I do have. Then, I’ll just leave it up to God- what He does with it.

He’s been known to do some cool things with just a kids lunch.

Dear Lord- I love you, and want you to help me see the “cell phones” in my life…. the things I think are needs— that are really wants- I could give up— to help someone else….help me to enjoy what you’ve given… to hold it loosely— knowing that ownership— belongs to you..and it’s my priviledge to share…
I love you Lord, and thank you for allowing me to learn thru teaching….Please help me see areas of time— or talent , (whether I recognize them or not!) or money, that I have, that could be shared—..

Ummm and Lord— at this point- I’m keeping my cell— though, it’s really not a need- but I WANT to be able to be reached by my kids and spouse…..however I’m checking about a better “plan.” I’m not using all my minutes. ….amen.

Yeah— and I’m trying not to get a big head— but it’s better than 0!!!

My blog is worth $5,080.86.How much is your blog worth?

SO, $5,080.86. When do I get my money??? I promise to GIVE it…..

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