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October 29
Bowl of fear- downsizes…
Ok- accountability practice—–

Knitty “Tempting” sleeves started- but need another set of dpns- awwwwww how sad— a sat morning trip to my lys……..abt 1.75 inches into first sleeve……(only 3 1/2 total— this puppy should be complete this weekend!)

My new spindle arrived, MUCH easier—- I have created soft- shiny lumpy yarn—– pics later—-……

Baby shower for a friend’s daughter—- and Halloween to pre for- busy day…..

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October 28
Knitters Bowl of Fear……
True Confession time——-I keep a bowl of FEAR…..

Below- you see a Bowl of Halloween Fright……well— maybe not to all— but it is to me!

Let’s go around the bowl….clockwise and see the Exhibits of Fear:

Exhibit A: A beautiful mound of hand paint mohair roving… a Schacht Drop Spindle and a “cheese” of pure wool pencil roving…… Why are these torturous to this knitter????? Well- look closely at the drop spinldes— see the horribly mamed pencil roving stuck to- it??? That is why. I can not do it. I bought my nice spindle- thinking- i can do it—- but so far…NOT. After much AFTER the FACT research— I’ve decided that a drop spindle without a hook … is NOT for starters. In my attempt to overcome— I have learned— and re-ordered—- this time from Golding… , we over come- by learning about our fears….. It’s now a challenge-to which I say: BRING IT.

Exhibit B: a tiny- perfect cream colored ball of 170 yrds of 100% Pashmina Cashmere-Backed by a simple repeat lace scarf pattern.- And yet- there she sits- in need of love- and I’m afraid. She’s too expensive- too soft- I’m afraid I’ll wreck it. Here I am- and adult Christian woman- afraid of a tiny ball of yarn. Intimidated. Why?

Hello- my name is Tracey, and I’m a perfectionist.

I have 2 choices when faced with a challenge- dig in and overcome NO MATTER WHAT. I’ll do it myself- thank you very much…. and don’t much care who i kill to accomplish it….. or TOTAL avoidance. Can’t do it wrong if i don’t do it at all. Guess which option I picked here??????

This option just drives me to guilt every time I see that pretty little ball of yarn. Guilt- and embarrassment that it cost so much- and i can’t even create a gift with it….. It’s just wool. Get over it. Ok. I hear ya.

Exhibit C: 6balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran—- one of my favorite colors- in a k2p2 rib—– like 16 1/2 worth—-knit in the round—- can you guess what it is? YES. look here: Tempting by so whats the problem here? It’s almost finished! (i hear you – you know.)

Well… marathons it’s called “hitting the wall” in knitting…I call it “hitting the sleeves” I just cannot figure out how to do it in my mind–cannot picture it. I’ve read the instructions— like 100 times—-but I’m afraid I can’t do it—- so there she sits. Up to her pits. Poor thing.

So- why all this today?

Well- cause I think we all have “Bowls of Fear”— some are mundane or less than important… world peace does not hinge on my knitting- or not knitting. But I have other fears too- like that I’ll end up on “Jerry Springer” some day because I wrecked my kids…..but truth is- so far- so good on that one. I try- I learn I change and grow. I gain skills-in parenting and relationships and life- like i do in knitting- a little at a time. With a lot of help. From friends who teach me- and SHOW me—– and from God who guides and changes me.

There are other pictures here: Lions and Bears really—-(just hold that thought) A pretty koigu sock- in knitty’s Broadripple pattern…..Not fear this time— just sock syndrome… and a bit of boredom. A Patons self striped sock— that DOES have a match SOMEWHERE……and a pic of the first sock pattern i ever used. Because I was quite sure I could NOT do it. But I did. I found videos online that showed HOW……. and i did it over and over—– and now- I can KNIT socks……. I learned. And there is the pretty black and gray Inca Alpaca—- in yep- yet another Clapotis… Something I was convinced I could not do……

In the bible- David saw the whole armys response to Goliath—– and David was just a kid…. but he told the king— I’ll kill him… David was just a boy——but he trusted God’s ability to use him… why? Cause God had already helped him kill a lion and a bear. (you can read bout it here: Those socks- that clapotis- they are little lions and bears—- I have many others—much bigger lions and bears that God has helped me with—and they encourage me.

Truth is—
sometimes it’s good to make mistakes- we can learn best from them occaisionally.

What’s in your bowl of fear? Do you wanna do someting about it? I do. So today I’m telling you. Thats the first step- in dealing with fears of all sorts—-

1) Talk to someone you trust- like mold- fear grows in the dark— bringing it into the light kills the fear a little at a time.

2) Come up with a plan to face it. Hmmmmm…. ok- I’ll cast on those sleeves TODAY.

3) Hold yourself accountable to follow the plan: I just did. ask me tomorrow- i mean it- accountability is just the giving of permission to someone else to get in your business- not always comfortable… but necessary.

4) Get the help you need- Where do I get my help? my friends- from journaling- from My Lord. I pray- I read the bible- I talk to God as ifhe’s my friend- He is….and I let the people He’s brought into my life “be Jesus ” with flesh—- and arms to hug—–I get help from them too- well—- and sometimes i get help online to—-

I’m gonna pray- you can join me if you want-

Dear Lord- I pray for my fears- help me to depend on you- and not my own limitations—help me to accept my imperfections—- and face the things that can and should be changed—Help me to follow thru with the plan—-and be accountable- Help me empty all my bowls of fear— not just the knitting ones—- I love you Lord- amen

ps— the last to pics- are exhibits a&b—- of another type—- that My DH is the BEST DH around—- he just returned from a bus trip in London- Ontario- Where this shop is: and yes- thats Malabrigo, koigu AND Alchemy silk cashmere blend—- oh my talk about souvenirs!!!!!

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October 27
more pics- CARB- FREE—-UFO— “Mr Knit- Tato Head”…. in process- pattern available soon….
No guesses yet????

How about some more pics???

These give my design project away—– Let me introduce….

A great quick knit gift- for collectors and children alike!
Way cute with some goofy knit “swag” as well…. you’ll see- soon enough……

“Mr Knit-Tato Head”
(copyright 2005, All Rights Reserved)

I’m making the pattern available for purchase- first part of next week.

He’s in process of a test knit and a felting bath—-however- Mr Knit-Tato may need a few days to recover after his bath— he kept mumbling something about no onions- or carrots or celery!!!!!!! I’d assume it was PTSD Post- Traumatic SOUP Disorder…….Poor guy— hopefully all this attention will not further exacerbate his— or HER condition.

Mr- Mrs “Knit-Tato” Head will also have classic- and “funky” knit felted accessories–as all “Knit-Tato Heads” must. Those shown in these pics were borrowed from a good friend of my son’s— Mr Potato Head.

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just silly- but i do have red hair— well i BUY red hair
***Your Hair Should Be Red***
Passionate, fiery, and sassy.You’re a total smart aleck who’s got the biggest personality around.
What’s Your Funky Inner Hair Color?

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hmmmm a little guessing game—-ufo style-
ok a few questions….

if ONE Skein is a wonder…. what about 3 skeins? pattern is here-
inca alpaca in a gorgeous purple……. classic elite yarn i held 2 strands together- knit third skein from both ends—– almost exactly 3 skeins. soft soft soft- but a bit splitty even on my addis-#7s check out the pics! —-

thnx AGAIN sp6—-another oneskein wonder—- these are a blast—-

next up is a quiz for you…. any guesses what this might be? It’s a secret project I’m designing— and will (hopefully) be making available online—– just in time for you Quick Christmas knitting——go ahead- guess—–what do you think it is??????

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October 25
so—- whats for dinner? butternut squash soup with ham
It’s cold cloudy and damp here in MI…..SOUP DAY. (least it is at my house)….

this is something my family loves—- Perfect for Fall FYI- i’m an Italian momma- we cook by taste touch and smell- so— don’t freak about the amounts- if you like more of something- go for it- if you hate something skip it…. though skipping the butternut squash would kind of be dumb… don’t ya think? Could use acorn squash though- or pumpkin….

Tracey’s Butternut Squash Soup

LG crock pot- or soup kettle*-( i cook for 5- 3 of which are teen or adult men!) & Steamer or microwave, ladle and cuisinart or blender

2 med fresh butternut squash— cleaned out- (this is NOT “pumpkin gut soup” THAT would be NASTY.) cut up and steamed (or microwaved) until fork tender—then scoop cooked flesh out of skin and into a bowl (unless you wanna cheat- then you can use a couple of “frozen squash bricks”–in froz veggie aisle at the grocer….- not how I do it— but if ya gotta do it quick— thats the way….)
1 medium/large diced onion- diced
3 stalks celery – diced
3 large carrots cleaned and diced
1 large fresh sweet potato- peeled and cubed
64 oz chicken stock (I DO use canned— I’m not that picky)
2-3 cups cubed ham-this is good holiday leftover soup— but I also use pre cubed& pkged ham for this one
Salt and pepper to taste- and a couple pinches of cinnamon
2 cups half and half

I pretty much throw everything (except the half and half) into the crock pot- let it cook till everythings yummy-(on high- 4-5 hours- on low 8-10) then i scoop about half into my cuisinart and blend it smooth—- (blender would work fine) pour blended soup back into pot- add half and half—- serve with GOOD bread and butter—- a salad- and you’re good to go.

Better than potpourri— smells wonderful when you’re cooking it up—if you prefer to serve as a bisque- just blend it all in batches. NP my guys just like a few chunks in their soup— makes it MANLY. No sissy stuff for my guys—–

If you wanna be fancy pants- swirl the half and half into the serving dish—– then garnish with a few shakes of cinnamon.

* if you don’t have a crock pot- or prefer not to use— just heat ingredients on stovetop and simmer till tender- following the rest of the instructions as above.

I’ll post a couple of pics later—- after it’s cooked at my house!!!!

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October 24
SP6……goodies are here!
SP6……what can I say!!!! THNX THNX THNX!!!!!!!!

Today my porch was visited by my SP6 fairey’s… elf….aka Mrs Postal worker…..

below are pics of the goodness she bore—-

Cadbury choc——oh, it happens to be a VERY good time of the month for that!

Beautiful Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock in Goldhill—-oh what am I gonna make???????? I’m thinking about giving the falling leaves socks at knitty a try!

and A Yarn Girls Knitting Journal- which I’ve looked at a dozen times at my lys———will now be able to keep all my ADHD knitting projects, notes- pattern copies- and project IDEAS organized!!!!! Wow! What a great treat!!!!! thnx again!

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Lavish Laces Falling LEAVES- done by MEEEEEEE!!!
Tracey, in MI
is pleased to annouce the birth of:
Falling Leaves, from Lavish Laces”Falling Leaves” was Born: (Blocked)
Oct 24, 2005 @ 9:32AM
She weighed in at just under three skeins-
KSH in Meadow
She was ummm…. “concieved” on
Lanter Moons US # 8— but finished on
Addi Naturas #8’s after a harrowing experience with a “certain teenager” who stomped my 14″ LM’s…..
You may visit her at the blog below—–please visit quietly during naptime……

ok- I know— pride cometh before a fall………and pride is not exactly honoring to God— but i gotta say it- lace knitting rocks! and today- even though in comparison to the “lace queens” i see on line— i’m merely a pauper in their court— but here-on this blog- is MY court— and I’m the queen!!!!

I think it’s just amazing that people can do this stuff—–the mind- and eye hand coordination—- all that it takes to produce lace and knitting and art- and writing and other skills for that matter- are just absolutely evidence that there must be a creator/artist behind it all….. I’m not saying I’m the Divine knitter—or Godly Creator of knitwork…..

I’m just – amazed that I can even do this at all— always surprises me when i learn a new pattern—- or try something new— in knitting or other areas!

more later- ttfn.

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October 22
one skein wonder—ful!!!! i did it!!!!!
Ok- sp6—THNX again- for my last pkg….. still enjoying it! (though can’t wait for the one “winging it’s way here”…..

Here’s the update……torn ankle tendon= pretty productive knitting time——

I did it! One, one skein wonder- just for me!!!!! a few yards left- perfect color—– and it’s actually cozy as well as cute!!!!

will probably wear to church tomorrow- with a cute t—–n jeans— we’re pretty casual….pics are terrible- but since i don’t like pics with me in them anyway—-

you can also see clapotis #2— in process- since i’m three skeins of Mountain Colors 4×8’s in Yellow stone-beautiful fall colors…. already started the decreases– and RAN out of yarn…..waiting for a rush order from Fuzzy Mabel’s.. …..hurry mabel hurry!!!!!

also ordered this:

Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca
How fun! 99% alpaca/1% glitter blended together in a super-soft fingering-weight yarn that screams “play with me”!
recommended gauge:
7 stitches per inch on U.S. size 3 needles
214 yards/50 grams
hand wash cool, dry flat
$16.00/50 grams
Cherry Tree Hill

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October 21
clapotis clapotis—-all my yarn for a clapotis—
kidding- jk- mostly

a bit of a quandry with my second test run clapotis—-hmmmm i’m running out of yarn!!!!!!

I placed an order for another skein—- and will finish working what i have—-on the decreases—like the size so i dont want to frog and cut back on the straight repeats—-it’s huge- and warm and cuddly- though i’m still hoping it’ll soften up after a Eucalan bath—-

had a bit of an outing today- went to my lys—- was knittiers day out there- and had loads of oooooooing and ahhhhing over my koigu clapotis—-perfect over a t- at this time of year in MI……have to admit a bit of pride—- nothin like a room full of seasoned knitters gushing over your newbie project to build u up!!!!

NOW- for a bit of a poll—-

Kiri vs Birch…

While I was at my other lys on Mon—- I MET a Kiri—-in the flesh… beautiful in blue ksh…..i am scared to death of the kiri pattern-available here: upper left corner— Though I cannot figure out how the chart parts go together—haven’t seen the birch pattern—but you can see the product here: but as everyone SAYS its easy—- i’m just not sure…..

so- post a comment- with your opinion—- and the 50th comment will win either 2 balls of ksh…or some beautiful handpaint laceweight from my stash!

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October 19
playin hookie——or something like that….
DH and I took the little one to Frankenmuth today- for lunch while the big guys were at school…..

We had an adventure in fieldtrips— went to the Zeilinger wool company- and watched how they make yarn—– was a great time- french canadian gentleman showed us the Ropes—-or yarns so to speak—- he was a sweetie named Gary- a delight- gave me some tips to use with my new spindle—- which has so far looked lovely on the counter- but not exactly created any yarn yet….. a bit intimidating—

“Gary” sent me home with some lovely natural wool pencil roving—-which i’ll be attacking tonight!

We had fun- learned a bunch- and had chicken— duh…..thats what you do in Frankenmuth!
I do however have a question… how did this happen???? How did I get so crazy– that I would consider spinning my own yarn?

Hmmmmmmm……. i suppose addictions do escalate—— is that all this is? Or is it something else?

Not sure- but- mas this seems to be relaxing- and productive— i’ll keep it for now— though am watching for signs of problems…….

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October 18
just silly— or is it?“> Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by <a href=”Quizilla</font>



Lord- it’ myself!
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i’m a wuss. fyi.
Ok- i have given birth (albeit via C-section) to 3 children…. but this tendon thing….. IT HURTS.

heres the update:

rt foot now pretty swollen a bit discolored— and a bit floppy. Just doesn’t seem to cooperate— kind of turns in like a dork foot- feels like it’s made of lead…. also shoots about an 8-9 on the pain scale pain, if I move it the wrong way……

Which stinks- cause i keep learning the hard way— about how many WRONG ways there are.

So Far:

No squatting down…. ouch- actually, ankle just plain won’t bend like that.
No turning foot to pretty much either side.No setting foot down with leg extended and heel on a surface.. ok within a 2-3 inch radius.of straight up and down.. but, after that— shots of pain……not worth the risk.
Must wear cast to sleep- as turning overe is a huge problem….
You Can touch it— USUALLY. But not always.

Picked up crutches- HATE them.

Need a pedi- feet look crummy- but Don’t want any one to accidently hurt it…..

whine whine- yelp yelp—- sorry- you didn’t know you were invited to my PITY PARTY did ya?

knit news:

well- working on my second experimental clapotis——in mountain colors 4×8’s *yellowstone*- a beautiful colorway that looks like japanese maple leaves turning for fall…..BUT it doesn’t meet my softy requirements—and- should have cut back the increases— it’s gonna be huge- had to order another skein—-half way through second one—-6 drop stitches done—- looks great- hoping it will soften in a Eucalan tubby…..

Hurting ankle- not exactly helping me knit—- vicodin- not exactly conducive to lace knitting- or casting on of sweater sleeves—-so will stick with the clapotis for now—–

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October 17
my sp6— taunting- me— ‘n I’m glad….
This iCard has been sent to you from sp6Send your own free iCard by visiting iCards

my sp- rocks!!!!!!

looking forward to goodies for ME!!!!!! © 2005 Apple Computer Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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A new reason to knit…….posterior talofibular-ligament-injury
FYI: this is what happens if you trip going over a baby gate at 6:00 in the morning….. also FYI- it hurts. A lot. However- if this does happen to you- you will be fortunate enough to be able to add a lovely new piece of footwear to your closet- for about 3 weeks—and air cast- which may contain air- and can be removed for hygiene- but is still uncomfortable and causes a heel wearin’ momma to wear keds…..or other comfy shoes for a while….. This is the wierdest- dumbest – well, one of the dumbest injuries- ever—-feels ok- mostly-achey- unless you move it just WRONG then- it feels like someone is stabbing you in the ankle. The moving it WRONG, involves lateral movement- or pressure to the back of the heel when leg is elevated—which i am supposed to do…. Yes=- RICE- Rest Ice Compression and Elevation will be my favorite acronym for a while….. BTW the last thing to get “fat” on me is my feet- had a lot of trouble getting the aircast to fit- have size 6 ish feet- with tiny heels- hard to get it to immobilize… what a pain. Too bad i didnt sprain my butt- that would be EASY to splint- nothin tiny bout that! Picked up a prescription- hate to take drugs- will just take ibuprophen unless i can’t sleep. Well—- i wonder if i can get my insurance company to pay for yarn instead???? That would be better — it’s my ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT…..stopped after the pharmacy—- should be all set there- yarn for another clapotis— how addictive! anyway gonna go recover, i mean knit! Lord- I don’t like pain- not physical- emotional- none of it. But- I know it is sometimes part of the healing process. This hurts. I pray that you would heal my ankle- and help me to rest during this time—– I’m not very good at resting Lord—but will wait on you…. well- wait on you, and use ice and take drugs!!! Lord , i’m thankful for Dr’s and xrays- and treatment plans- i also am thankful for the awesome way you created our bodies- to “reknit” themselves when injured— knit away on my ankle Lord- knit away!
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busy busy
sp6 happiness—–

got the cutest halloween e-card from my sp6…. goodies are on their way—-for me and my kiddos!!!

this is a pretty tought week for us- so the timing is again terrific!!! LOVE surprises!

Clapotis redo- and trial #2…is about halfway done—-mountain colors 4×8’s in yellowstone—- beautiful colors- but not very soft- hoping it will soften up— am going to get some *Eucalan today- will give that a try……hoping to soften up…knit on US # 9’s looks like it will be huge!!!!

I may drop some straight repeats— will see how things progress—this time i am twisting stitches as i learned i am a “combination knittter”— i now ktbl all the time—- then ktfl to twist…. smoother edge along drop rows— will post pics later….

gotta go- loads to do!
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October 14
just a reminder…give a little- you could win a lot…
Dont forget— to visit:
and give what u can—–

Here are some pics of my prize donation::: If you give a little- everyone wins— those in need- and you do too- though separate from the intrinsic/altruistic value—- you could win THIS TOO….. good luck!
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17 years ago today….I wore something like this- standing in the middle of the freeway…
ok- it WAS the eighties—- duh…. mine had long sleeves though- and i was wearing 3″ white satin heels- with it as well….Why???

My Extreme Adventure in Marriage was just beginning….married in the median… no- not me— stranded in the median!— we ran out of gas on the way to our rehearsal…oh the adventure of the unexpected—-all the planning- all the kookiness of pulling off a wedding- and we run out of gas….to be rescued by my dad— on the side of the road—

No worries- we made it to the church ontime—-but it’ WAS a harbinger if things to come—

We met in highschool—- extreme internet (sigh) isn’t that sweet— yes- i know it’s pretty rare— 20 yrs later- we’re still together— hmmmm wondering why? wondering how???

Thought I’d share a few bits and pieces- we’ve learned over the years:

1) Believe that Marriage is truly- “wonder”ful—-it is—- we WONDER what we’re doing.. we WONDER what’s wrong with him/her… we WONDER why they tolerate us—-marriage is truly “wonder”ful.

though- i have to say- my DH is truly wonderful- in all senses of the word- not perfect- but wonderful.

2)Love hurts- be prepared for it.
Imperfect people- in relationships hurt each other- sometimes purposely- sometimes not—- understand this- and allow for it—if you bolt when you’re hurt- you miss out on the joy of healing.

I once read an article on mending broken china– when done properly- the china is actually STRONGER in the broken places– than in the whole ones— relationships are the same—healthy- healed relationships- have strong bonds—-they are stronger in the mended places. So far- there have been hurts— but none that God couldn’t heal.

3) Understand that Marriage is a Safari– We love animal kingdom- at Disney world….it’s our only experience with Safari’s so far— and we’re always glad there is the Safari Guide- pointing out the animals- sharing “nuggets of knowledge” about them along the way— case you didn’t know— marriage requires the same— MEN are wild animals— they require some EXPLAINING… i just don’t always “get” my DH… and truth be told—that “what is your problem” look on his face occaisionaly—- tells me he feels the same… it’s important to have Safari guides along the way— books- people- and esp God—(who created and designed these differences— though i’m clueless as to WHY )to help bring understanding on how to handle our adventures with the opposite sex!

4)Enjoy the Adventure of Growing up together—yes- we married young- we’ve hurt each other- we’ve been stupid–immature. And we’re in the process of “growing up”-

Regardless of how “old” you are- or were when you married- you never stop growing.

Nurture- each others growth—truth is— sometimes we “fertilize each other” NOT that way— well- 3 kids later- yes- apparently- THAT way— but also— sometimes- my immaturity- (crap-fertilizer) actually is used by God- to help GROW my DH….in patience- in kindness- etc- and yes— his does- me-as well—-LOTS.

5) Experience the Adventure of team….marriage is more of a team than a 50/50 split partnership—there are things that one team member is better at- things that they struggle with- we try to help and encourage- sometimes- carrying the ball– sometimes shouting from the sidelines- encouraging the one moving ahead—-

It rarely ends up 50/50 at any one moment—- more like 100% 100%……over time—– a long term investment… not a get rich quick scheme…the investment is worth it.

6) Expect the unexpected—- and go along for the WHOLE -ride- I am not a rollercoaster/amusement park ride- kinda girl— just not my thing— but my “guys” are – (DH and 3 sons) they love them— the thrill- the fear— the highs and lows—they climb aboard- and enjoy the ride.

I saw a news clip- that showed a handicapped boy—- the ferris wheel he was on- stopped—- he decided to climb out—–was injured— and almost lost his life- because the ride was not over—-

I think sometimes- people do the same—-in their marriages…..things looks shaky—the ride hits a steep hill….slowly climbs… at the top—– pauses—and it looks like you might not- make it——then you have a choice— are you gonna climb out?? Or hold on?? The ride isn’t over yet….

Our culture- too often says- get out—-and people do— only to end up- in even more hurt—-with unhealed injuries—-broken dreams and hopes.

My marriage isn’t perfect- it had no chance to be that– because- we aren’t. but- I’ll confess- here- I love my husband— and am totally committed to our team- I am holding on for the ride- I won’t get off before the end- I will allow for hurts to be healed….I will continue to grow- and to nurture—

Even in light of EVERYTHING— 17 years later— I’d do it again-

Kyle- I love you-
Happy Anniversary.

Dear Lord-

I thank you for my marriage- and pray that you would strengthen and grow us— together— Give us the courage and strength – the wisdom and passion and compassion, to make it —-I pray for those who are hurting in their marriages and for the broken places in my own— that you would heal….and make the broken places stronger.

Philippians 1:6 (New International Version)
New International Version (NIV)
Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society
6being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

God doesn’t jump off the ride- before the end— He finishes what He starts.
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October 13
FOS!!!!! Clapotis done—–finishing up prezzie today
Just a quick update- pics here are of my completed koigu Clapotis- from On US#8’s next time with koigu woud go down to a 6-7- though i love the soft drapey fabric this made….It’s about 6 feet long- and 18″ wide wore it yesterday—drapes and looks great! Just under 4 skeins—-by just under- i mean like 2 yards left!

The baby gift just needs a bobble edge on the rt arm opening…. then to the fabric store to pick out some pretty silk for the skirt….I’m also going to add some beads to the diamond border- mostly cause I goofed it up- more pics later—-

Pattern for baby dress- is from
Knitting for Baby, Melanie Falick Kristin Nicholas…..

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October 12
quick update-
Clapotis is DONE. NOTeven close to perfect— but i like it.and I learned a bunch!!!! Pics tomorrow— stay tuned—-

Back of beautiful baby gift is half finished- front is done. turning out TERRIFIC.

Also- spoke today @ a MOPS group in Oxford, MI…. On conflict resolution…. will post my hand out tommorrow- pretty exhausted—-

Also- since I was THERE….. I checked out a great LYS in Rochester Hills- MI—Skeins on Main…. They have everything- cute needles- Zephyr lace weight- koigu…….buttons- and books and patterns galore- totally worth the drive— and they were ATTENTIVE, and HELPFUL and ENCOURAGING and FRIENDLY…..without stalkingyou thru the shop—-

tell them I sent you!

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