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September 30
Feverishly knitting—– and working—- and mothering—-
—-OK- Theoretically, I understand- that I can only do so much— so fast. Practically- I think I can go faster and do more—- I need a MULTI-Tasking crown- cause I’m the queen.

This morning- I was knititng on the ugly felting project… while I was driving my middleschooler to school…. listening to the radio- and talking to the toddler—

At one point this morning- we got home from Target— and I continued multi-tasking/delegating— (thats the ultimate multitasking-you know…..delegation!)

Any way- told the boy to let the dog out of her crate- while I went to the bathroom— then the phone rang- it was my mom— tried to answer it while- finishing getting re-dressed—then the boy tried to let the BAD BEAGLE of cuteness out the front door—- ended up screeching something at my mom— and running for the dog—–while affixing my belt…… CAN take multi tasking too far.

This afternoon- I’m knitting as I type- updating the checkbook- online, and working- while I get ready for an appt. Didn’t I learn anything from this morning???? I have already grocery shopped.

I think I’ll take a nap—- unfortunately- I can’t YET- knit and sleep— so I think I’ll knit.

Actually- this is crazy—-I’m going to shut down and enjoy just one thing—— play with the toddler—- no multi-tasking this afternoon—–just gonna watch the stupid teletubbies- with my boy—– and savor a moment—- well- AND I’ll probably knit——but that doesn’t count.

See….told ya- I have issues.

Lord- please- help me focus on the now. Help me focus on the moments I can’t relive- and help me to prioritize them- moment by moment—- oh- yeah—- and help me still get a lot done!!!!

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September 29
ooooopppps I Dyed it again…….adventures in koolaid-
Oh my word! The only dyeing expereince I’ve had are with roots- hence the redheaded Italian…. however- this kool-aid thing really works!!!!!!!

pics are below- and thanks again to my sp6—- who sent my supplies!!! I started with the enclosed strawberry—- however- purposefully left a knot in the center of the beautiful knitpicks merino—– it turned out a bit too- “patriotic” very red and white- for me—- need a “mutation”…had to pick up some bread anyways—- so- overdyed with 3 pkt grape and a pink lemonade—– turned a color similar to my haircolor- which i love……

so productive day—– yarn is drying— ummmm kinda wanna get cast-on—- so fan is blowing over the stove at the moment—-hurry yarn hurry…..

Will wind when its dry— then start my “clapotis redux- cheat method—-” the knitty “bob & weave” is a ponch-wrap—-

It’s a VERY similar look- and will be simpler-and more portable- less directions to get lost in the car….however it’s not bias knit- so will loose a bit of shape—drape-

well- thats what I’m thinking anyways!!!!! Will post progress—thnx again!

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September 28
Knitting content:
sp6 update- heard from my pal—– pkg was sent on Monday!!!!

*****doorbell rang— HELLO- presents for me!!!!! awesome- SP6- your terrific!!!!

Thank you thank yo thank you!!!! Sorry about the blurred pic—-trying to post quick and get cast on for my one skein wonder!!!!!!!!

goodie- contents:
“At Knits End”—- where i live
a beautiful skein of Mulberry LAMB’S pride—- my fav!!!!

one skein wonder pattern— (hello mulberry- here I come- a knitter with a plan!)

2 skeins dye your own merino- from knit picks—- AND koolaid for dying—– which will become something pretty for my shoulders—- btw- the merino is like butter!!!!!

OK- thats it- this is my shot—– clapotis or bust- in yarn I dye myself???? You bet! Printing pattern now.

plan of action- cast on tonight- dye tomorrow!!!!!

and- the cutest card-totally me—- thnx so much sp6
!!!!you made my day!

It has been a tough week- looking forward to some goodies- just for me! thnx sp6 pal—- whoever you are!!!!

ok- working on a secret knitting project—- in an Awful color—- in an Itchy yarn—- (felting project- not many options- always itchy wool) also am 14 inches into my “Tempting ” sweater @…. about 5-6 inches before the sleeves- though am kind of freaking out about the sleeves- can’t “picture” the process from the directions….

falling leaves in ksh has been pretty neglected—— slippers are done- but a bit boring- stash is growing—-faster than I can knit—- though my understanding is- that’s pretty normal—

Have’nt done anything with the Clapotis conundrum…….oh well- not looking like ther IS a knitting fairy….. if i want it – I’ll have to make it!

Have shipped a couple pkgs to my sec pal—-mine has been a bit quiet— but- I’m excited to see how creative they are——- sometime good things come to those who wait……..

Have made some stitch markers— not much of a beader— but love a bit of “knitting bling”!!

thats about it for now—-

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“Not so desperate” Housewife
Caution- rant ahead:


well I suppose I’m glad we at least have an online acronym.

However-I have a question—- even looking over my blog— I can’t remember the last time I “sah”…….I constantly “m”.. but it’s the “sah” part I don’t get.

I love mothering- it is truly an opportunity to impact future generations-I see my role as mother- as absolutely integral to society. Why doesn’t society?

I’m sure there are mom’s out there called to a more “sah” life— but it’s just not me. I speak- I coordinate a number of projects. I am afforded the opportunity to teach- to yes- knit—- (though – a funny one to me— and to people who know me too)– some just think it’s funny to see me knitting. ( I guess I’m not your classic knitter)

I am involved in leadership- and am home only as much as time and need allows.

The truth is I am a full time mom- and a full time woman. Doing all the things other women do—- just not receiving a paycheck.

Yet- interestingly enough- therein lies the indicator- and the dividing line- between woman- and sahm.

Paycheck. IF I spoke for money- I’d be respected- If I taught, and counseled for money- I’d be appreciated…in a way.

I guess what annoys me more- are the assumptions— sahm= you can’t do anything else. The truth is- I COULD do many other things- I Choose to do what matters most.

The assumption is I wear sweats each day-and don’t know manolo’s from rolo’s….. the truth is- I wear sweats to work out- or on “slow nights” when I go to bed…..

I read a book a while back that impacted my approach to mothering- ‘professionalizing motherhood’ I “get ready for work” each day— though occaisionally I get barfed on—–and change out of necessity…..I like this approach- it works for me—- I feel different- when I respect my job.

My home is my business- the place where I work, I dress for it- I value it- and the truth is I enjoy it!

The sad part is—- I am desperate- for my culture to value my contribution- and stop making assumptions about who I am based on what I do- or really- whether I am paid for it.

I know enough women who add work outside the home to their schedule as well—- to know- that they struggle as well—-they are valued for HOW much they make- or how HIGH they climb on the corporate ladder—–and they struggle with a desire to be where their children are.

There are no perfect lives…. we all struggle- it’s true the grass does always seem greener on the other side of the fence—- until you get there and look back. To see greener grass, just beyond your reach.

I really think it’s time for “sistah’s” to unite- and end the “Mommy Wars” for me–that is where it hurts the most- NOT when clueless people assume and criticize—- but when my “sistah’s” do the same—– from either side of the fence- sahm- or wwam (working woman and mother).

Though—– getting a check would be nice too!!!!

just some thoughts from a sahm—–who’s not so desperate.

Lord- i pray you’d remind me of my value to you—- and how YOU value my responsibility-and my contribution- help me to see the same in others- regardless of their – “positions” and encourage them in it—- bringing an end to the “Mommy Wars”… one Mom at a time.

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September 27
It’s good to be loved- and appreciated!
Convention was pretty incredible. In a culture that MOSTLY discredits and-or delegates Motherhood- it was wonderful to have an opportunity to be valued and encouraged, and to offer to the same encouragement to others!

I had an awesome “girlfriend” time—- being ridiculous- talking total “girl talk” you- know- boobs- and nursing- and worklife balance- and shoes….and also the privilege of talking about hopes- dreams, struggles- and the harder questions about God.

This is what I tell “newbies” to MOPS convention- you’ll laugh till you pee yourself- you’ll cry till you’re dehydrated, and you’ll go home “re-filled” with God.

To my delight- that’s how it was- yet again! The speakers were phenomenal- and varied widely-in both experience and style-

Dr Kevin Leman-

Elisa Morgan, President of MOPS Intl. Author and speaker- with much energy!

Julie Barnhill- Author- “She’s Gonna Blow”

Lisa Whelchel- (AKA- BLAIR from 80’s tv show-The Facts Of Life) Author- “Creative Corrections” and other great books-

Pastor/Author Jim Cymbala-

Jennifer Rothschild- Author-

Carol Kuykendall- author- Leadership Development Team Leader, at MOPS Intl.

Glitzy Gals Party- a chance to wear a boa- and be ridiculous- I’m all about having a good time….

Concert with “Out Of Eden”

Concert- with “Go Fish”

The truth is- as a mom of teens- I’m pretty much not allowed to go to COOL concerts- but- when the kids aren’t there—— it’s my shot to dance! Without concern of embarassing anyone but me!

I also had the opportunity to do some speaking- to a wonderful group of about 350 women—- our cherished MOPS Mentors.

Mentoring is an extremely important part of my life and of MOPS International—-I was privileged to present some info – (see yesterdays entry for my outline) on how to relate to todays MOPS Mom- and how NOT to….

With all this fun- with all this growth and challenge– I have to be honest- the most touching moment- was after I arrived home.

Our airport has this escalator- that takes you down to where your “parties” await you on arrival- so basically- as they wait- they see feet- then ankles-knees- the rest of Mom….

My family was waiting- and to see their faces light up——– then my toddler hold me- and pat my back—- saying ” I missed you, Mommy” My teens- ALMOST hugging me in public—– my husband- with that look of— “I am so glad you’re home—- and I don’t know HOW you do this- all the time”….. that was the most incredible part.

Mom’s aren’t generally missed or welcomed- we’re usually the ones missing and welcoming- we aren’t generally valued by our families- but- most often – and most likely because we’re “dependable” we’re taken for granted——this was a chance to be appreciated- YES- by speakers- and top Christian authors- but MORE importantly- by those I love—–

I’ve always thought about how I’ll feel when I get to heaven—- thirlled to be in the presence- of God- relieved- (that I made it) and in awe of all of who God is- that I couldn’t “get my brain around” while on earth…….

But – on my arrival home—- I realized—- maybe I’ll also have a bit of an experience like my family did- I’ll realize just how much I missed Him…..and took Him for granted—–and ho much He loves me- and wants to be with me!

I wonder if Jesus will enjoy it as much as I did? Truth is—- when I’m finished typing—- I think I’ll tell Him NOW- no need to WAIT- till heaven!

Dear Lord- I thank you for all you’ve done- for my beautiful family and all the things you’ve shown me during convention—- please help me to take those things into daily life- and Lord- help me not to take you for granted- just because you’re “dependable”! Help me to always be- “Happy to be home”- with you! WITHOUT having to leave- to feel it!

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September 26
From Dallas with love—- extreme HEAT!
100+ degrees- but NOT one drop of rain!

Wow- incredible. 4500 Moms. One hurricane. One Mission. To “twinkle” a little light at a time, into a dark, hurting world.

During our recent convention- in Dallas- I was honored to be able to speak to about 350 MOPS Mentors- below- you’ll find my notes. My purpose- was to help them better identify WHO todays Moms are- and equip them to better connect with them- by practically applying the information. For more information about MOPS International- please check out our website @

MOPS Mentors- Satellites To and Among the Stars…

In a “Clicker Culture”with so many options- How do we keep MOPS Mom’s tuned in???

Taking a cue from: Satellite Service Providers- KNOW their Market- Do you?

Who is today’s MOPS Mom?

Age ranges- from 15-54

(mothers of children under 18)

Wears a size 12

Almost 50% have at least one set of divorced parents

Carries a cell phone

In 2000, 33% of all births were to unmarried women.

Spends 12.5 hours per week online

40 % are or, will be divorced

Education: high school- to post- grad

May be a first time mom- or on her “second family”

Gets 3 ½ hours sleep- (w/babies)

May be working outside of the home full or part time-

Is awakened 3 times per nt.

(somewhere around 60 %) or, may be “post-career”

Struggles with “significance”

May be skeptical of “organized religion”

Considers “spirituality” important.

No Satellite system can work without power. Make sure your equipment is plugged in- Power must go in- in order for a signal to be sent and received. That requires connection. Also true at MOPS- where Connection= Relationship.

Building a strong “satellite system”- “SPACE” is where stars “Twinkle…”

S- Satellite Signal- The message of love and hope we have is not our own. It’s not about us- it’s about HIM. Like a satellite- we simply bounce the signal- from Him- to Moms.

P- Personal Service- people “buy” from whom they “trust”- we trust authentic people.

A- Availability- “Services may be unavailable/limited in some areas” Mentors can’t DO IT ALL. Sometime you need to enlist help.

C- Clarity of Signal – St Francis- of Assisi said “preach always- when necessary- use words” Mentors may have a role speaking- we will have a role in relating. The purpose of MOPS International is to nurture every mother of preschoolers- to meet her distinct needs to the glory of Christ.

E- Equipment- YOU are your equipment- you must care for yourself first! Are you connected to God? If not- how will you Reflect His to your MOPS women?

Top 10 ways to tune OUT a MOPS mom…..

1) Tell her How to DO things- (your way) It’s important to respect God’s unique design for each mom- our goal is to encourage women to experience their fulo potential as decided by God- not us.

2) Tell her how NOT to do things. (HER way) The world is CONSTANTLY telling me- how i do things is wrong- and not good enough- plesae don’t add to it.

3) Be one way in public, and another in private. It’s very hard to trust in-authentic people. Why should I?

4) Be perfect. Do everything “right”- the truth is- I do’t have much in common with “perfect people”- and so can’t connect- neither do most MOPS moms.

5) THINK you’re perfect. Think that everyone else, does everything WRONG.

6)Be CHURCHY. (Use jargon, never go anywhere else- or talk about anything else)

7)Talk down to her. (Beware of things like: Dear, Honey, when I was your age…) reads- condescension.

8)ASSUME…ANYTHING….work, spouse, divorce, family, education—etc. Moms are from all backgrounds- all walks of life all experiences- don’t assume.

9) Be clueless AND condemning about current culture. TV, Internet, media…. etc. I am fine- if you don’t like or agree with something after you’ve checked it out- however- to be condemning without bothering to check your facts- causes me to lose distrust your assessments.

10) Be Wishy/Washy- When we feel strongly/passionately about an issue, and “pretend” not to- in order to appear “politically correct”- we come across as fake. MOPS Moms can handle disagreement, but, she won’t tolerate in-authenticity. It destroys credibility.
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September 20
Hurricane Rita- Meets Hurricane Mommies

Well- you can watch for Hurricane Rita hitting my MOPS convention – or NOT— at the link above—-well- a HURRICANE would be a new adventure for me- though I would be FINE missing that one…

Bottom line: I trust God thru any storm. Though am considering packing a small battery operated FAN at the moment!

*** Hey- sp6—— too bad it’s so late- you could have knit me an UMBRELLA——- for convention!

hey a circular shawl could TOTALLY become an umbrella——?????

ok- a parasol……..not exactly a hurricane issue umbrella!
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multi-tasking with an opinionated 3 year old…..
Gotta GO- so today is all about multi tasking—- currently in “boys” bathroom upstairs- working on lap top while I do laundry and ” the little one” is in tub….decided to add dyeing my roots to my current list—-

boy still in tub- i get my stuff out—- put on gloves- and he goes “mom? you gonna do a “Dirty Job”?
/dirtyjobs/splash.html the boys all like the nasty job show—-truth is it IS a dirty job!

Then- the smell hit him—- “Mom—– did Sami Stunk (noah speak for skunk) you?” see previous posts- man- just trying to get a little stuff done—- don’t really NEED the commentary—-though I DO enjoy it- he’s hilarious!

Just trying to get packed and ready to go to Dallas—–though – would PREFER a hurricane not to hit while I’m there!!!! At the moment- “Rita” is forecast to hit TX over the weekend-

Well- like I said- ExTREME Adventures—- Will bring plently of knitting projects in case I have to stay longer—– convention over sat nt- would like to finish my “Tempting” sweater from (bout half done) …..and my “falling leaves” rap——in KSH Meadow- which although it’s turning out beautiful—- still not gonna be a favorite color of mine!

Lord- I again entrust all these details to you- the packing the speaking- my travel , hurricanes- Diaper Bag Delivery—and family- besides- I know you’re holding all in your hands- Help me to STAY there- and not try to take yr job!

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September 19
gotta go gotta go gotta go right now…..
Not That kind of “gotta go”— I gotta GO pack for MOPs Convention- I gotta GO clean up my house- I gotta GO dye my roots, I gotta GO do laundry, I gotta GO to the grocery store- I gotta GO pick up my middle schooler—

But- I wanna GO back to bed- GO-goof off at a yarn store- I wanna GO buy some outfit that’ll make me look 30 lbs thinner….

oh well- guess I better GO!
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September 18
Like Christmas and Easter- combined!
Absolutely thrilled= should top of at just around 100 diaper (there were donations not packed as bags— so at end will be rt around 100!) bags!!!! 2 FULL pallets of diaper bags- diapers wipes etc!!!! the pics are below- again- HUGE thanks to Metro South Church-, Flat Rock- MOPS International Northern Detroit Council, and Reliable Delivery ( for handling our special shipping and packing needs!

One pallet will ship tomorrow to each of my contacts! Thats 100 familes impacted! if each mom has just 2 kids- thats 300 or more people impacted—-Hard to get a feel for whats there from the pics- I was standing on the gate of the truck- looking down- but understand- those are SHIPPING Pallet- boxes—-like 5x5x3′ tall! I am so proud of my church family friends and MOPS girls—– they really have blessed so many people!!

It’s pretty incredible to see what a few people can do when they work together!!! I wish I could go down with the boxes—-

generally- just a great- but tiring day!

Wanted to have more pics- but was pretty busy packin and loadin!

Also a special thanks to my good friends- Kathy- Rachel (her daughter) Sandy A, Amy H- My guys- Mike, Matt, Noah and DH Kyle- they all helped pack and load- and keep company as we worked and waited all day!!! Carol who dropped off bags on my porch- Amy who coordinated getting me a truck on a SUNDAY- and driving it to Reliable to prep for shipping- and Vicki-who’ll get everything out the door tomorrow!!!!!!

gonna take a rest- and KNIT
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September 17
OUCH not a good week to hurt my back
Not sure how I did it- but i hurt my back—– STUPID- praying it gets better- have MUCH to do—- tomorrow is the BIG DIAPER BAG BRIGADE…. good thing I have HELP!

**Update- back better- well Ibuprophen’s working any ways… however- our sweet- but bad dog Sami- got skunked…..happened to be in the middle of a “date” when DH took a panicked call from my teens- that Sami was trying to EAT a SKUNK………

Apparently she thought it was trying to “get” our Middle son…. never fear—- one Big boy stayed inside with the toddler- while the other teen went out with a kitchen knife to save the dog—–

Npo worries though- there was no “knifing” involved- no blood-luckily(well not for Sami) only poor Sami got hit—-not the boys- DH and I stopped for “supplies” after a quick end to our date—-(well It’s Extreme Adventures in Motherhood and KNitting— after all! Truth is with 3 boys a dog 2 cats- and a woman whos’ always planning something— life is an ADVENTURE— all the time!)

5-6 baths in peroxide- dish soap and skunk-off seemed to have helped- now I’m working on the laundry—-from the clean-up crew—- PU.

Man- since it’s almost 11:00 p.m and i’m finishing prep for my service tomorrow- ( I get to teach the Large group- kids!!!) and have to yet clear out my truck to load the 15 diaperbags and supplies- that are HERE to go to the “Brigade”…..for tomorrow!!! AND my back hurts—– I’m thinking today stunk- literally- and figuratively!

Ya- know- ya TRY to do something nice- like pack diaper bags for hurricane victims….you’d THINK God could arrange a nice relaxing day leading up to it!!!—- nice attitude huh?

Well, news flash— Christians are real people—- and guess what— I talk to the Lord the same way— I guess I suppose He can handle it—- besides- duh- He knows I’m thinkin it anyway—I’m all about being AUTHENTIC

Lord- I’m trying to keep focused on you—- but this sucks—- please help things go well tomorrow—- please provide- for the needs- And- Lord- I am thankful- that even on a sucky day- I can be used by you— to help someone else!!! Please keep reminding me of that!!!!! Thnx Lord-

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Clapotis Conundrum
Ok- I’m a wrap wearing kinda girl—– I love basic black with a shot of color—and although I’ve been accused of wearing a “uniform”— long black jacket, bright t-shirt or blouse- always solid a few with stripes…..but somehow- I have the perception that I am still UNIQUE…. hmmm maybe it’s m generation—-not sure.

but here’s my conundrum….i actually LOVE the Clapotis on–(
clapotis.html)– but just cant bring myself to knit it—- not sure why- maybe I think it’s EVERYWHERE- but honestly- when I look at the pattern- it looks pretty tough- totally not sure if I can do it!!!!

I think i’d like to do it in ( in wildrose ,lilac or redwood- or maybe in rocky mounain-

or even… oh to dream —the best would be— – in 108 or 115.

though you never know- I have so many projects going—- may never GET to it!!!!

sooooo looking at this post- I’m a little concerned- It’s NOT supposed to be all about me—- but man- It sure looks like it IS!

Well- no answers here- just wish there was a knitting fairy who would pick gorgeous (maybe shimmery silk) yarn and knit one FOR ME!

though- might just bite the bullet and give it a try- never know- I might be able to do it!

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Almost to the finish line…-crossing to another races’ start!!!!
Almost to the Diaper Bag finish line—–but still MORE to do!

Secret Pal 6 has begun— Am excited to get to know and spoil someone knew…..this is totally new to me—- but I’ve already heard from my pal—- and excitedly arranged to take care of my spoilee!!!

Never sure how I come across- so it will be interesting to see what my pal will think of me-and what I may like—– should learn much about my self as well.

After the Diaper Bag Brigade is over—- I’m off to MOPS ( Convention!!!! I am excited to be speaking to the Mentors- next Friday—I am a Council Coordinator—and have the privilege of helping local leaders with training etc….

This is our International Convention- where some 5,000+ Moms will gather— to grow- it’s a mega- sistahhood of Moms meeting.

Our theme is “Twinkle” like stars in the universe—-I am talking about the top 10 ways to turn off a MOPS Mom—-and how to maintain connection—I am team teaching with a terrific leader from CA—- whom I’ve been collaborating with on the phone and online—- She’s awesome- and I’m looking forward to it!

I’ll post my notes after I return—–wouldn’t want to blow the surprise!

I’m excited and a bit nervous- I have also been asked to present a shortened version to be video taped for a DVD.

Not particularly fond of how I look on camera—- and I am used to “working an audience”…. there will be me- the camera and a couple of people… it’s an incredible opportunity- but a bit nerve wracking—- and a bit daunting—-

My notes have been done forever- but- just about any time I speak- I have moments- where I think— WHAT do I have to say- that hasn’t already been said??? And, I’m a mess- why let me do this at all!????

Convention will be exciting- busy and a bit nuts- pretty much non-stop from weds- sun. I’ll be there to help inlots of ways—-working at the MOPS shop- “wo-manning” the FieldLeader booth—-

Last year I met a bunch of girls from across the states- and we went out to dinner- it was pretty incredible- you go- know a few people—-and meet a pretty eclectic group—-(we are non-denominational-but, Christian Organization) with 2 common grounds- their relationship with God- and Motherhood- both a pretty wild adventure if you askme.

I guess the bottom line is truly- that God uses cracked pots—- (see last posts) and I certainly fit THAT bill!

It’s really (thankfully) not all about me-it’s about Him.

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September 16
you know your life is crazy busy when…………
Diaper Bag Brigade- BEFORE we even start on SUNDAY—- THERE WERE 12 Bags on my porch TODAY!!!!!!!! Emmanuel Lutheran MOPS In Liv—- You ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

You know your life is crazy when…. it’s 5:31 and you haven’t changed the toddler preschooler- baby- WHATEVER He is……since 10:00 a.m.

Especially when you’re crazy and busy with a DIAPER BAG BRIGADE! Operative word- here- DIAPER BAG.

See- told you I can be pretty TASK oriented!

I have my own “issues”…. the truth- is- everybody does…. I am just hoping to honor God- even in my messes. (Of which there are PLENTY)

A long time ago I read a book by Patsy Clairmont… “God Uses Cracked Pots”, in it she talks about a cracked pot— and how God’s light shines thru the weaknesses- the cracks.

Sistah- I’m a cracked pot- got problems- got ISSUES… got stress make mistakes- BIG mistakes- hurt people- generally screw up. I’m just glad- that thru those things- God can shine.

I do some public speaking— I have a conference coming up, where I get the opportunity to talk to women about “talking to women”— the funny thing I’ve learned- is—- people DON’T care how good you are- how smart you are- how many books you read— they want to know you’re REAL. Once you’re real- and not perfect- they can trust what you have to say. They can see the light thru your cracks…..

I suppose I’ll share about being so BUSY with a diaper bag brigade- that I forgot to change my own boy’s booty…. and talk about keeping life in balance—- not being so TASK driven….

I think- I’ll go change my boy!
Then- I think, I’ll knit.

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September 15
starting to get calls about Diaper Bags- VERY EXCITING
I’m starting to get calls about Diaper Bags coming in—-SOOO glad- praying for at least 100— but would LOVE to see more!!!!

Feels like Christmas- but I wish I could do more—–a friend just returned from LA—–and said it’s actually worse than TV shows…. so sad—— but glad to do SOMETHING!
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coping update-knitting content
If Tracey could Knit- as much as Tracey Could knit- what WOULD Tracey knit??? See my new pics—below- a bit of ADHD knitting to cope with my stress- and concern—knit fast- and DO what you can. check this out:

Top- fan and shell- (stole) in Koigu KPPM

bottom rt- “Tempting” from in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran—-

bottom left-
Lavish laces- Falling Leaves– (yes AGAIN—–) in KSH Meadow—- LOVE IT. Love KNIT!

Thinking about adding knitting needles and a ball of yarn to the diaperbags—– sure helps me!!!

update on secrepal6—–already heard from mypal!!!! Awesome-this is my “first” secret pal…….sounds like its gonna be a blast!

already hit my LYS—–to get started for MY pal!!!! I LOVE giving presents! Sure will be nice to recieve some! Esp knitting goodies- don’t have many people in my life who can or do —- know bout knitty goodies!

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September 14
I get by with a little help- from my friends—–THATS how You DO THIS!!!!
Truck and shipping- Check

People to help with drop off pkg— check-

PR- check and in process—-

Name tags- signage- onsite supplies- in process…….

Helping survivors of Katrina- one diaperbag at at time!!!

****something i didn’t anticipate-

As a “type A” personality I can pretty quickly get caught up in the “project” and become task oriented. How MUCH.(will shipping cost?) ..How MANY.(full bags will make it cost-effective?) FAST( can I get them there)??????

Until, I’m standing in Meijers- finishing up packing my personal contribution diaper bag—-and I’m trying to choose “feminine hygiene products” for someone I don’t know.

The weight of personalization came crashing in, hard. Suddenly, it’s about somebody.. I’m trying to anticipate the needs of a woman I don’t know. The very private- made public.

I am also thinking about someone doing the same for me-thinking of what I might need- or use……. it’s painful. My preference- is to avoid pain- mine and the pain of others-

But- I care. But- it hurts. Empathy- is our attempt at understanding the pain, and emotions of another. Putting ourselves in their shoes.

Empathy hurts. I’d rather avoid it- either by being “task driven” ( a nice little way to de-personalize) or just plain quitting-going back to my safe little world. Turning the channel. Turning the page- but it’s still there- even if you do.

I have worked with kids in lots of ways for a long time. There are some kids ,who, when hurt- ONLY want their Mom.(or someone else) … They only trust their Mom—-to make it better- and to see them cry—

I do the same- Ionly allow some people to see it. When I can control it, my pain is usually private. Pain is something I allow just trusted friends to see.

Sometimes, pain is made public- I’ve experienced that kind of pain as well- the lack of privacy can make it even sharper- it can compound the pain with judgement, etc.

The pain of the survivors of Katrina has been made public—I am standing in MEIJERS- recognizing the need of a woman for feminine hygiene products- and trying to pick them out for her.

How do I navigate respecting the need for privacy and still help?

I think by applying something I learned by working with kids-

I distinctly remember a really “TOUGH little guy” getting hurt one day- while in my care-he NEVER cried- though his mom had said- he did at home-

This day- the pain was too great- he crawled into my lap- cried and let me hold him-

I knew it was more than just a passing thing- this was a precious moment- while I gave him comfort- he gave me something more- he gave me the PRIVILEGE of touching his pain…. of seeing it, and helping with it— pain – whether a boo- boo, or heartbreaking loss- is personal.

It’s important- to respect the hurting- and to value the privilege of touching anothers pain- more than the comfort of avoidance.

It isn’t just a burden- or project- touching anothers pain is a privilege. Keeping this in perspective helps me both COPE and HELP.

— Lord- please will help me stay sensitive- and not become TASK oriented——these are people- in pain-it’s a privilege- to reach out-not a project.

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September 13
How Do you DO THIS!!!?????
I am not a “relief worker”….I’m a mom. It is amazing to me- how God has worked out so many details in regards to “The Diaper Bag Brigade”.

We have a drop-off date- and place, we have a truck for drop off- we have a shipper and direct addresses of distribution ctrs- that want our help- now all I need are FULL DIAPER Bags! I suppose that since God has supplied the rest- He’ll take care of that too!

Am also knitting away—– working on “tempting” sweater @—-it’s a good- thoughtless knit—- well after I cast on like 5 times………
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September 12
twinkle twinkle little star—–a little light in the dark
“Diaper Bag Brigade”
As a Mom- I can’t imagine not being able to meet the most basic of my child’s needs- a clean bottom and food. Mom’s are wired to be prepared. We don’t leave the house without— a diaperbag stuffed with supplies– just in case. This is an opportunity- to both meet the needs of little one’s and help alleviate a tiny bit of the worry of the Mom’s /parents desperate to provide for those needs-

Fires were long extinguished by passing bucket after bucket man to man. Hurricane Katrina has left a fire of need in it’s wake- while I can’t extinguish the needs alone- together- we can pass along help and hope- one Diaper Bag at a time.

Hand to hand-Mom-to Mom- one diaper bag at a time. Sharing a bit of comfort and helping to meet the needs of families affected by hurricane Katrina. An opportunity to “Twinkle” in the dark. While this is not an official MOPS International effort- it is the coordinated effort of MOPS Moms and others who care.

Purpose: To reach out to Mom’s and their families in need, with a tangible expression of God’s love and tender care.
Objective: Help meet the most basic of a Mom and her child’s needs- a full diaper bag.
Goal: To fill, collect and ship 100 (or more) STUFFED diaper bags on Sunday, Sept 18th.

Project Coordinator:
Tracey Solomon
MOPS International Council Coordinator (Please e-mail an estimate of # of bags asap- so I can better plan for shipping etc.)

Our help will be going to/ distributed by:
First Baptist Church – Richland Attn: Shannon Craft – MOPS
Richland, MS 39218

Dayspring Baptist Church
Attention Joanne Parker
2200 S. Cody Road
Mobile, AL 36695

DROP Off –site info:
Sunday, Sept 18- 12:30-3:00p.m.
Metro South Church@ Flat Rock HS 28100 Aspen
Flat Rock, MI 48135

Directions to Flat Rock High:
From Telegraph Rd in Flat Rock. Take Telegraph Rd to Gibraltar Rd. Go East on Gibraltar for about ½ mile to Evergreen St or Aspen St. Turn left or north and proceed to the school parking lot. (Look for Flat Rock Municipal Building on your left. The school is located directly behind the Municipal Building.)

From I75: Take I75 to Gibraltar Rd, Take Gibraltar Rd West for 3 miles to Aspen St or Evergreen St. Turn Right or north and proceed to the High School Parking lot. (Look for the Flat Rock Municipal Building on your right. The school is located directly behind the Municipal Building.)

Instructions and suggested contents for your Diaper Bag —-
Suggested bag- standard size back pack- please try to keep “gender neutral” — for simplicity…and tuck in any straps.

PLEASE clearly label outside of bag with age appropriateness:

Label with age-
0-6 mos-
6-12 mos-
12-18 mos-
18-24 mos-

NEEDS: Diapers (pull-ups), wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, pacifiers, change of clothes- (baby) FEMININE Hygiene PRODUCTS- Bottles- liners- formula, small age appropriate toy(s),sm blanket, small Bible/devotional, a short personal note of support. Baby Tylenol, baby powder, small packs- tissues, sanitizer- wipes, small flashlight- extra batteries, a small treat for mom, Wal-mart gift cards-Thermometer, nail clippers-nasal aspirator- brush, toothbrush/toothpaste- deodorant- (for mom) Just pack up a bag with what you would need/ want.

Whatever you can do will help!

Ideas- work together- maybe you can’t fill a bag with everything- share a bag with a group- MOPS Discussion Group- friends- family, neighbors- church family—-remember- EVERY Diaper Bag- means a Mom, and her family are helped! Include your children – pray over the bag- that it would bless and that God would multiply!

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September 10
Secret Pal 6—–a bit bout my knitting and me!
This will be my first Secret Pal experience online- but I love to give presents— and recieve them—- so here’s my questionairre—- FYI-

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer higher quality and/or natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you?
I’m probably a “right medium for the right project” kinda Gurl. Wool for felting- alpaca/silk, KSH KSH Haze and handpaints for lace— I like soft- fuzzy I’m a touchy feely knitter- gotta have a nice “hand to it” Lornas Laces- and Alpaca With A Twist— desperately want to try Knitpicks- Shimmer- in turquoise and Shadow in vineyard and Panache in rapsberry ….

2. Do you spin? Crochet? Not yet- but if i had a SPINDLE and a bit of soft fluff—- I’d sure give it a “whirl”
3. Do you have any allergies? (smoke, pets, fibers, perfume, etc.)
It’s stupid- but Banana’s- and tend towards asthma—-no smoke.
4. How long have you been knitting?
Since November- 2004

5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
yup. and Knitpicks.

6. What’s your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)
Lavander- vanilla. rose. very floral.
7. Do you have a sweet tooth?
Chocolate- esp truffles- Bad but so good- Godiva .
8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do?
Read- study learn- public speaking. Love water- sand beach.
9. What kind of music do you like? love my i-pod- contemporary Christian- worship music-

10. What’s your favorite color? Or–do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can’t stand?
I’m a base black clothing-gurl- and i love color- jewel tones- am olive complected- love fuschia, purple- turqouise…. red. Pretty much hate Yellow. Or colors that look like cat barf.

11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets? yep- to pets too- 2 cats- Cappucino and Truffles one of which is clumsy- and a bad but sweet beagle-Sami- hmmm ya think the kids named the dog?–
Married- 17 yrs- 3 sons- ages 16-3 (yes- it’s all bout spacing

12. What are your life dreams? (really stretching it here, I know)
To grow- to honor God in all I do- to write and speak when and where I have the priviledge. (and to finish what I start.)

13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with?
Like Koigu- KSH, KSH NIGHT- Debbie Bliss Cashmerino- love silk, cashmere is awesome- but too expensive.

14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
Itchy, not soft stuff-

15. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s?
Lace- sweaters- and gift knitting- (slippers- bags- etc- like to felt)
16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
lace so far
17. What are you knitting right now?
felted slippers- (finishing while I type-) Falling Leaves from Lavish Laces- in KSH Meadow- like my 4th one— (YUM) Tempting- Knitty .com in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran- in A raspberry—-and other secrets.
18. What do you think about ponchos?
Honestly- I don’t prefer things that POINT to my butt* Or make me look pregnant—-(ie maternity clothing like)

19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?
Circulars both- and DPN’s depends on my pjct.
20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
Ebony, Addis,Brittany’s and actually- CLOVER bamboo circs.
21. Are you a sock knitter?
yep. ( a majorly proud moment- DID not think I could do it!)

22. How did you learn to knit?
books- online – I’m a research- Diva.

23. How old is your oldest UFO?
ummmmm only knitting since Nov- but as I’m a Mom- I’d have to say my 16 yr old!

24. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird?
more of a flower gurl- violets- pansies, roses, lavander

25. What is your favorite holiday?
26. Is there anything that you collect?
Antique Choc molds- (flowers- leaves- bunnies) Old Country Rose teacups- china—&I am SEARCHING for Knitting needles- that are beautiful- but not finding many— (like ivory or real tortoise shell….. or wood but- maybe they don’t exist!) And- Longaberger baskets-
27. What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
None- how sad
28. Any books out there you are dying to get your hands on?
GOL. Lace books in general.
Accessorizeby Trisha Malcolm
29. Any patterns you have been coveting, but haven’t bought for one reason or another??
Birch- and One skein wonder… River Stole, Violets by the river.

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