My ipod holds equal parts “Sesame Street Sing along”, “David Crowder”and “Third Day.” With a bit of “U2”, “Casting Crowns”, “Mercy Me” and “Thomas The Tank Engine.” I think there is also a bit of “Queen” and probably “CrazyTrain” by Ozzy Osbourne. If you think my “Playlist” sounds a like a psycho – combo, you should try balancing my life. ;)

I have the interesting task- of mothering 2 teens- AND a Preschooler, AND being A human with likes, dislikes- and needs, of my own. Queen and Ozzy Osbourne are NOT on my Ipod- for ME! Nor is “Sesame Street” or Thomas the Tank Engine”!

Having three sons- of varied ages- sometimes, (usually) and a spouse who frequently travels- for work….sometimes feels like living in a circus. Like, I’m spinning plates of different sizes- at different speeds- to different music. It makes me thankful for my tendancy towards ADD. Let’s just say- that Potty training one child- while the another takes DRIVER’S TRAINING… is sometimes confusing- sometimes chaotic- and, NEVER boring.

It also poses some interesting challenges- and unique rewards. Last night was a good example of both- We went to a concert- for “Third Day” along with “David Crowder” some of my all time favorite music. My youngest- Noah- loves music- Mike, my oldest- LIKES music- my middle one loves it-and well- I absolutely adore- worship music… and corporate worship experiences.

So, I THOUGHT the concert was a great win all the way around- idea. Daddy was out of town… so I envisioned- a special Mom- n Guys Night- A chance for all of us to enjoy something TOGETHER.

Let’s just say- not quite. At dinner- My middle son- felt sick- So we dropped him at home- thats $38. for a ticket- I HOPE someone else got to enjoy….then we made it to the venue—-and it got stickier…..

While he’s used to music at relatively loud levels- it was just beyond what Noah’s little ears could tolerate- or enjoy. Which must have been evident to everyone around us- as he held his hands over his ears. It was amazing- to see how many sets of earplugs were offered- and squeezed into his tiny guy ears—– but to no avail—- he hated them.

Now- I’m “x ” amount of dollars into a concert- with a preschooler- that wants to go home. Rides were offered for my oldest- but honestly- I wanted to stay. But NOT at the expense of my little guys ears.

Then, I had one of “those” parenting moments- the kind that makes you go— “Wow, this kid is turning out so awesome— and, it MUST be God… ’cause I’m quite sure I messed him up!”

Mike- offered to take Noah- out to the hallway- so I could stay and listen to the concert— ” ’cause Third Day is your favorite, Mom.” We went out to the hallway- where the music reached an enjoyable level for Mr Noah’s ears…….. We set up with all of his well planned “accoutrements” coloring stuff- gameboy…..snacks, juice, blankie— I even went into the shop and bought a couple of “chair-pads” for them to sit on…… then I went back into the concert.

I didn’t last long. While the music was incredible—I just had a hard time- letting Mike- sit out of a concert- so I could go in….. I felt selfish. Not to mention- feeling like the “Queen of all Loser Mom’s”….who brought a “baby” to a rock concert- that hurt his EARS…….and made her teenager watch him in the hallway- so she could “rock”.

It really was a struggle. I wanted to stay- (and had spent a good chunk of change to do so!) BUT I wanted it to be enjoyable for all of us. And- honestly- I wanted to leave. It would have been easier- I was tempted to just be irritated- and blow the whole thing. ‘Cause things just weren’t turning out the way I thought they would.

Then, it happened-

Noah decided to do what Noah does, when there is music. He dances. There we were, looking quite a bit like a homeless family, camped out in the hallway. And Noah- asks- “Mommy— Dance with me? I’ll spin you!” It was the I’ll spin you- that got me… we danced. The un- abandoned Mommy and Baby don’t care bout the world- dancing that you do in the living-room, kind of dancing. Then he wanted to go into the concert… and out of the concert- and INTO the concert—- and dance some more— and spin.

So- we did. And Mike? Well- he took pics- with a delighted—- “I made my Mom happy” look on his face.. (or- a “My Mom is NUTS” look….not really sure which! ;) Really, I could tell- he was thrilled. Like he knew he had made my week. Which He had. and so did Noah. ( Because- I know that someday- he won’t want to dance with Mommy in public anymore. )

And, because- I know- that teenagers don’t usually put their Parents wants- over their own….. but- mine did. Even if it was just for one night.

So- how was the concert? Well- I “heard” about half of it;) ——But- I’ll never forget one minute of it. Besides- there are pics to prove it! ;0 (And a few CD’s to re-live it!!!) But- I could have missed the whole thing- I could have stubbornly just LEFT. Or I could have selfishly just stayed in the concert—–I’m just glad that THIS time— in my Extreme Mothering….I found a compromise— that GOD blessed!

Dear Lord- I thank you, for these boys- please help Matt continue to feel better- and please bless Mike for his sacrifice for me last night–I pray you bless the work of DH’s hands– I love you Lord- and am so thankful for my family—-amen!