WOW! My Fiber Godmother reveal pkg arrived!


(Unfortunately- Blogger is goofing with my pics- so you can go to my MSN SPace- to see them for now-same posting different site- NP;) Was my SPOILER… which she did nicely— thnx so much!

You can see the pics below- Hand dyed wool- great colors!

A Circular needle holder- in muslin- (thnx—- my circ needles needed organizing!)

CHOCOLATE…. ummm I must have mice or something… (half gone— ooops must have been me!)
Sweet angel pin! Very cute…

CHOCOLATE candles… thats calorie free chocolate- YUM!

And some GREAT caffe latte caramels…. taste like great coffee! Cute reveal card as well! Thnx again! You made this fun!

My kids are all sick, yeah THATS fun… poor guys are slinging snot everywhere they go—

STOCK TIP: But KLEENEX. () They’ll live- they’re medicated.

Next up- knitting update-

Been busy knittin-

Unbelievably- I cast on KIRI- yes- I’m WAY late coming to this one— but really had a struggle with doubting my ability to knit this one… downloaded pattern- printed- (like 4 times) read- re-read—- searched web for input—-

Saturday morning- in a moment of impulse- I just went a head and cast it on.

DUH. Sometimes- ya just gotta stop THINKING and start DOING….

I’m repeat 6 of 12 of chart 2. I really had a hard time understanding the construction. Other shawls I’ve made- had a point up- construction.. this one casts on a small number— but is still from the top (shoulders) down…. I kept looking at it upside down- thinking I was knitting from the point… and it didn’t have the scalloped edges— so I thought I was going to be ripping back…..

Then I realized i had it wrong. But- only “Perceptually”— my knitting was fine- my perception was off.

(that could be the theme of my life!) anyways- I should have her finished in a few days—

I used Addi Natura’s in US #8’s nice points- though the joins stick a bit….
I ordered this 100% Cashmere from Colormart

It’s 4 ply- which is somewhere between lace and fingering…

It’s a great deal- as it’s oiled and on a cone- so- for like the cost of one skein of cashmere- I got an entire cone- which is like 150 grams. A great deal.

I’ve not enjoyed the process knitting with this yarn- as much as other cashmere- I’ve knit with- Colour Mart- recommends washing after knitting- I’ll probably wash and wind the rest after this is completed- so it has a nicer “hand” to it during knitting- However- I’m sure it’ll bloom nicely when washed.

I’m also working on my Knit picks socks— one down- second one started.

I made up my pkg for my reveal to my Fiber god-daughter… can’t wait to see if she likes it— I found some GREAT goodies- for her.

Back to nursing the sick.

Dear Lord- please heal my little guy- and big guys- and please bless my spoiler- as she’s blessed me— I hope my spoilee- will also be blessed as well!

I love you lord- amen.