Yesterday was rough.

It’s over. Today was busy, with paperwork, and computer work…..This weekend will be busy.

So, tonight… I’m “Knittin Chicken Soup”…. for my spirit.

Sometimes, you just have to relax.

What’s “Knittin Chicken Soup?” Does it involve using celery as needles, and carrots with chicken as yarn? Doubtful. Besides- that sounds messy- Like NOAH ()type messy….. not my style.

Knittin Chicken Soup- means I put dinner in the crock pot, (no work- still food- works for me) i already have my “jammies” on— (sweats, unmatching socks…total slob) and I’m going to knit.

Not challenging knitting… not knitting that will teach me new skills (tonight “Napoleon” can have all the “skills”)

(yeah- I just put that in – for my teens. We’ve had more than a few laughs over this movie!) anyway….

Tonight it’s just plain- no-brain knitting. And maybe some no-brain entertainment. (maybe even Napoleon?)

I’ll probably enjoy working on “Kiri” and some plain stockinette socks I have going…..nice relaxing round and round… kind of like swinging on a swing. Fun “exercise” , but not hard. And- my pretty “Kiri”

Kiri is on repeat 10 of 12 (maybe 13) She’s growing nicely. But- boy– those rows start to take a looooong time!

It’s funny how freaked out I was by this pattern. I absolutely could not wrap my brain around the whole multiple chart thing……once I just cast on and started.. I figured out— you don’t ALWAYS have to understand everything— sometimes ya just gotta FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS… trust the pattern.

Sounds like faith to me.

And sounds like some of my struggles with faith, as well ! See- I like things to make sense.

When it comes to the world at large— well—they don’t. Sure- some things do…but not everything.

I guess, I like to think things thru. I , generally, act (well- on major things anyway-small things i an be pretty IMPULSIVE on…) after I thoroughly understand the expectations… and directions… the outcome- and the method for achieving the expected outcome. (yes- this drives people NUTS. Go ahead, ask me to do something.. you’ll get a hundrred questions clarifying what it is you want me to do, and I won’t commit until I understand! However- on my own behalf.. once I do—- I’m ALL IN. ) …..

It doesn’t always work that way with God. Sometimes there are things that we experience that just don’t add up- to the way we think things should be. Yet….

Romans 8:28 says “ And we know, that all things work together for good, for those that love God and are called according to His purposes”

Please Notice: it doesn’t say that all things “ARE” good.

Knitting has helped show me in a different way– that it takes different stitches… different patterns.. different colors, all bouncing light back to the eye- to create an over-all effect of beauty. I love to knit lace. Maybe, I love it because- even when all knit up— it basically looks a mess- until you pull and stretch it into shape by blocking. Then- POP! The pattern opens into view like a flower. The beauty is revealed in the light, the dark and the tension of pull.

I think thats what the verse in Romans’ means as well… that God works all those things— the good, the hard, the dark and light and tension and relaxing, to bring out the beauty.

I know in my life- there have been ugly, hard tough things- that God has managed to bring beauty out of.

So- with the week I’ve had, I’m just gonna crash, I’m not gonna think too far ahead of the “pattern”.. I’m just gonna do a bit of good old “Chicken Soup Knittin” and let God do the rest.

If I can trust a knitting pattern writer I’ve never met- I can surely trust God- the evidence of who’s skillful and beautiful creation is all around!

Dear Lord- I”m a little tired. Tonight- I’m just gonna relax- I’m glad I trust you, and I leave all the hard unanswered questions in your hands— make with them what you want, I trust you. love and amen