I don’t have a “Problem” with pirates—- but I DO have a PROBLEM with a HUGE ,FAT Beagle sitting on my shoulder—– poor thing- Sami has grown up as an indoor- dog with only two cats to learn from……

(Blame it on the cats I always say;)

In general- I don’t prefer dog butts anywhere near my face-

But-No worries- after the photo- Sami quickly “found her way” to the floor…..

It’s hard enough being a Mom of three boys—- and getting anything done… do I really NEED this interruption from a dog? NO. I don’t.

What you can’t see, is my lap top on my lap- and my knitting on that— I am the QUEEN of Multi-tasking!

(Hmmmm Maybe Sami was trying to BE my CROWN……..;)