What absolutey “revs your engine?”

What “provokes you” in the deepest sense?

What is it, that infuriates you?

What causes your heart to break?

I would answer like this:

(these things rev my engine)
My God.
My husband. (He’s absolutely the best, besides he puts up with me!)
My family.
My friends.

Learning. Teaching. Writing. I guess i see no purpose to it – if you don’t share what you learn…

People finding God- and growing in him.

Suffering Provokes me to acts of compassion.

Relationships. I am passionate about healthy relationships…. (though I’m not always the HEALTHY ONE in my relationships! If nothing else- I know I am imperfect- and a bit crazy.)

Working as a team.

Kids. Loving them- and teaching them.

Injustice infuriates me.

People not recognizing as God is active in their lives…..breaks my heart.

Worship experiences that are about “PEOPLE” instead of God- breaks my heart.

Lying infuriates me.

People learning what their “Thing” is and helping them “DO IT” Seeing them grow— that totally rev’s my engine.

So, in light of all this- what did I do today? Did I do anything that I’m passionate about?


What Will I do tomorrow? MORE.

What will YOU?

Dear Lord- I pray that I can always seek to serve you first, in the ways that you have “wired” me- I love you and ask you to fill me with your love for others- amen!