Sometimes it’s just one thing after another!
3 kids- Three illnesses of varying types.

1 Spouse- one seperate illness.

One additional set of dysfunctional sinuses… my own seperate entity of sickness.

Add to this a poor little guy with his first cavity— (which took the form of Saturday night crying….for hours—- a middle of the night trip out for -no kidding- at least 10 types of toothache medications—let’s just say dad wanted to assure the little guys comfort!)

My home looks like a hospital ward….boxes of tissue… medications for all that ails…. blankets— pillows— pets run a-muck..

Let’s blame it on the weather. Let’s blame it on winter—- let’s blame it on something and then go for vengeance! (how does one go about seeking vengeance on the weather???) Doubtful that will work.

At the moment- everyone is sufficiently medicated- I will be spending the afternoon in close proximity to the bleach bottle– as I now go about exercising our home from the germ demons that are torturing us….. (ok— torture is not an apt description….but we’re sick of being SICK!!!!!!)

Things I’m looking forward to this week:

My guys feeling better.

Feeling better myself.

Leaving the house for something other than a “drug run” or Dr.s appointment….

Going to church.

Going to Velocity- (our churches’ leadership/training meeting)

Celebrating my little guys 4th birthday!!!!! (today will be out family party—— looking like McDonalds…..and actually GOING IN to eat—–with lots of PLAYSCAPE time…..(i’ll take ibuprophen before we go——-those places give me such a headache!!!!!)

Noah is 4 Yayayayayay!!!!!!

Finishing ” Kiri” I am on the last repeat before the border!!!!!! Yes!

Finishing a baby-beach bum sweater I made for a baby shower this weekend… (a marled navy and cream cotton blend “hoodie” ) Just sewing it up!

Dear Lord- I ask you to continue to heal my family—- thank you for the drs and meds—- and having all that we need- I love you Lord- amen.