I’ve been thinking a lot about what a leader is.

Maybe- it’s just this simple.

There is always someone ahead of you..leading you..

There is always someone behind you- following you…..

You are always a leader- and always following.

Anyone- that has someone watching them and following their lead, is a leader.

Every Mother is a leader.

Every Father, is a leader.

Every Christian, is a leader.

I can’t,for the life of me,think of a person who isn’t. I suppose the differences are in the HOW and the WHERE you’re leading TO…..

I know that there is controversy over women in leadership, over the “right way to lead”. Over submitting to leadership…

Honestly, I just think we make things too hard.

As a Christian, I follow. Jesus. I really- honestly- try to follow his lead…. sometimes I stumble out of His footsteps.. sometimes I struggle to even FIND them… because they are so obscured in the windblown sand of my life……mostly- I feel like a little girl– trying to walk in a daddys tracks in the snow…. ever stretching– jumping,hopping.. these are big steps to follow…. but I know they are the best path thru the snow.

Jesus washed feet. Jesus led by example. He wants us to serve. Each other. Those are His footprints.

A leaders greatest responsibility isn’t to be served or obeyed— but to serve.

Why? Look at the picture—- the game ends when the line is broken.

Have you ever played? A good “Follow the Leader” makes it fun… they make you WANT to follow—- a bad one- barks out orders and tries to trip people up…. I’ve worked with kids for a number of years—- and have seen it happen lots of times…. a good game goes on and on… a bad one– ends … one follower after another—- leaving the line.. until there is no one left.

A leader ceases to lead- if no one is following. A good leader cares for those they are leading— which encourages them to follow.
Does that mean leaders should be doormats? Or “Vending machines”? NOPE.

Absolutely not. As a Mother- I lead my children… (from the Mothering side of the “yoke”) I also serve my children… sometimes by discipline, sometimes serving by a firm no… sometimes by just picking up the mess without a reminder… sometimes by TacoBell after school…. the way I serve is based on their need.

I suppose, in my opinion- a good leader is one who serves well……who is sensitive to the needs of those that are following… and meets them.

There are LOADS of books that tell us how to be “GOOD LEADERS”… I like them— I’ve learned a lot from them. Honestly, probably WAY more than I can ever apply…an admission I’m sure I wouldn’t stand alone in…..

The question I’m faced with today…is am I leading in a way that causes others to follow? Or– Will I turn around from my place in line… and find NO ONE is following….. I’ve made the game impossible…..undesirable…. miserable…….I hope not.

Honestly, I think I can answer- that I’m following close to my God….. stretching my legs… jumping when I need to….. to reach the next step…. I want to encourage those who follow….. (though i wonder frequently why anyone would…) not to follow me—- but the one who leads me……….

His name is Jesus.

Somedays, He leads thru my husband, somedays thru my pastors, my friends and even my children….. or strangers….

The real question is…..not how great a leader I am… (or you ) but how good a follower?

Dear Lord— Make me a good follower—-give me the courage to accept the fact— that simply by following you– I also become a leader…. help me lead well God- in a way that honors you— and those you place “next in line” Lord- help me to see the ways I need to serve—- those I lead– I love you Lord- amen.


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