March 17
Kiri… Take me away… to where I’m going…. do do do
STUPID title- yes- I know this…

But I’m excited!!!! I DID IT!!!!

Is it Earth shattering? Life Changing? No.

But, I learned stuff- and it’s finished and it’ll stay DONE…( unlike housework and diaper changes…) and well- I like it.

So there.

What am I going on about?

KIRI. After all that CHristmas knitting—- I made myself a present!

My first mulit-part lace charted project. Yahoo!!!!

Again… the STATS…

Kiri Shawl Pattern:
Free online @– THANKS POLLY!!!!!
Colourmart UK 100% Cashmere- in 4 ply—-Burgundy color
(ebay) $27.00 (not sure on final yardage— its coned yarn… hard to estimate…prob about 800 yds.)
Addi Natura circular needles in US #8’s
start date:
February 25- as an impulse… (mostly- thought it would be an experiment—- have been Afraid to start this project for almost a YEAR)
Finished: March 16- blocking as I type….

Blocked measurements:

76″x48″ not sure why.. probably in my blocking i’m good with it.

I’m really just posting for her to be fawned over— so PLEASE comment away!

Knitters know— this is one of those “MOMENTS” where you thought you COULDN’T but you did… a major accomplishment.

Besides- I learned to sometimes just FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS as written…. you don’t always have to UNDERSTAND everything– for your project to turn out!!!!!

Dear Lord- help me apply what I learned from this project into my spiritual life… I know that sometimes I don’t have to UNDERSTAND all that you’re doing— to go along with your “Pattern”.. but just to follow the next direction..and trust your wisdom in design…..I love you Lord- amen.