Some days I just KNOW I am happier to see my “Mail person”, than she is to see me….

(click the title to my other blog for pics… =for some reason Blogger IS NOT cooperating picture wise!)

Yesterday was one of those days!

First Update:

My SP7 pal… already recieved her final reveal pkg……

I think she liked it! In the whole SP (secret pal) thing– my goal is always to just blow away the recipient…. it’s fun- and besides– I really think its a cool way to reach out to people I don’t yet know and show them a TINY tangible bit of God’s incredible love for them…

anyway– Lu has been fun to spoil– you can stop by her blog and see the goodies I’ve sent: (She’s incredible! Check out her published patterns at Chiagu and Magknits too!!!!
pics from yesterdays pkg not up yet…. but will be anytime- she’s great about that!)

But, it wasn’t just the OUTGOING mail that was fun today—- the pics below show the INCOMING!

YAY! Unbelievably—-

My SP7 sent me a tiny pkg, and it arrived today too!

Hold on… you won’t believe this…. drumroll please…. my mom was rt— GOOD things DO come in small packages…..

Pictured below are the incredible… SOUGHT after…. Un-obtainable Holz and Stein ebony Circs!!!!!!!!!

I’ve decided NOT to ask questions…. I’m Italian….. we understand that sometimes- it’s best not to ask how someone accomplishes something as wonderful as this…. and, especially as my SP7 pkgs are arriving from :Joisy (New Jersey) ….I’m just gonna say THANX!!!!!!

She also sent some delectable macadamia crunch candies to share— but ummm I didn’t.
They were tasty with some hot coffee yesterday afternoon thought!

Hmmmm….. The pretty green card was also Hawaiian ……maybe my SP7 has been on vacation?????? I’ll be stalking blogs to figure that out…..

Anyway—- I was GOING to cast on a new project last night—– but DH had a flight to catch— so we had some family time— then had to get him ready— so will be casting on TODAY!!!!!!

There is also a pic of an e-bay catch—- 8 skeins of KSH….. hmmmm haven’t decided what to do with it yet— though the wrap in the new Rowan might be it….. not sure yet! It was a great deal—-alsmost HALF PRICE! One thing about me— I like nice things—- but I am THE QUEEN of cheap.

Finally—– The BIG box at the bottom—- My SOCKS That ROCK Club Pkg arrived!

Pretty “rainforest jasper” yarn–pretty colorway brown ,gold ,green and teals…- (this will be my first STR experience)

Club Binder-cute!
Cedar Creek Sock Pattern- I think I can , I think I can…..
“Don’t Come Knockin’ if your socks Ain’t Rockin” bumper sticker….
“Rockin Sock Club ” button which will go on one of my knittin bags…

and adorable “emergency sock yarn key chain”— which- ir you’ve read yesterdays post— would have come in handy at a family event I was at over the weekend…. I could have used tooth picks! NP… ;)

Thats it for now— Ciao!

Dear Lord— I pray that you continue to bless Lu- with creativity— I also pray that you bless my SP7 giver for blessing me with such a great surprise!