OK- FIRST, I’m a happily married woman, so relax.

Mike is my son. He’s 16. Yesterday- I taught the kids at church….so our family drove in 2 cars…( I was there for both services..they didn’t need to be)

On the way home from lunch, Mike drove home with me…I said “Wanna go on a date? ” (I’ve always struggled to make individual time with each of my guys— it’s tough to do.)

He looked at me like I was a nut…..(and with that— teenaged “am I in trouble—- or is there something in it for me? look…) then said- “yeah- I guess.”

Mike and I love to read. We went to Borders- shopped- picked out some stuff- got a coffee for me— (more like a dessert! new one—-mocha fudgey thing*slurp!* and an IBC cream soda for him… they didn’t have energy drinks—-(thats his caffeine of choice—- yes- I know it’s not great, for him… or me… I guess everybody has their vice… )

Mike picked out a survival book— (he hunts with Dad and brother— we all fish and camp….) But- really- Mike and I just love to know weird and interesting facts… we call them “useless nuggets of knowledge” actually- our crazy joint goal— is to know and learn everything about EVERYTHING!

Does anyone remember the movie—- “Short Circuit” from the 80’s?????

Let’s just say- Michael and I CONSTANTLY “NEED MORE INPUT!!!!”

There was NO big spiritual discussion… no POLITICS…. (Mikes absolutely MOST heartfelt topic…. I am clueless as to why—– when he was 5 he was canvassing strangers (under supervision-no worries) on the beach- asking who they were voting for— and WHY! While I am opinionated about issues— I am in NO WAY a political activist…. I’m more about social activism…. helping people- directly…) anyway….

We laughed about the crazy nasty things you can survive on….(he pointed out that violets are edible—-but taste bad.. (he knows violets are one of my favorites…..) If you kill an animal for survival purposes you should save and dry the blood- grind it into powder, and use it to “enrich soup” NASTY………. I told you. (We don’t really prefer “Survivor”- but this new show- “Survivor Man” Yeah- we’re hooked. No fighting- no manipulation— just an interesting personal struggle—- ingenuity… and well- GROSS STUFF! (I’ll spare you the rest……)

Anyway- between discussing the book and show—- it was interesting to say the least.
Don’t worry- I won’t be adding any of it to my culinary repretoire.

Kids grow up. I KNOW, I look at that big- MAN CHILD… and I think—- what happened to those baby toes???? (They more resemble a hairy Hobbit’s feet now)
It REALLY does feel like I was pushing him in a stroller yesterday…..

There is grief involved in seeing your child grow up— a good- right and kind of happy grief…. a loss and a gain — all at the same time……I know he’ll never be my baby again…. LITERALLY…. but he’ll always be my baby… in my heart.

Yet— he’s also this interesting- smart- wonderful young man, now— whom I enjoy knowing- and getting to know- even better.

Each of my 3 children are so unique, so incredibly different- and so special.

We live a unique and interesting life….. Our dinner conversations are interesting—– they range- from Spongebob squarepants…. to “Kipper The Dog” to playdough–to Spiderman and super powers. Political issues, art and middle school relationship issues…..to who passed the loudest gas……(I am SURROUNDED BY MEN!!!!!!) There are issues of a business executive..(DH) issues of ministry…..we struggle to make sure everyone gets a chance to talk….

It was great to take the time- to just be able to focus on one. Mike. His interests. Him as a developing person. I like him. He’s pretty cool. I love seeing the Man that God is creating in him. It’s like witnessing creation. Incredible, really.

I love all “My guys” Honestly- I’ve been dating them all for years—- it’s just something we’ve always done…. and hopefully will continue to. (as long as they’ll let me!)

I know it sounds cliche’ – but I am really a blessed woman.

I HIGHLY recommend “dating around” when it comes to your family. It’s hard to find time… but important to MAKE it.

Dear Jesus- I ask you to bless Michael…. I ask you to bless Matt, to bless Noah and Kyle…. please help me to love them all well, to make time for eachone, to communicate my love and yours to each of them, in a way that they understand and feel it. I thank you for the priviledge of being involved in their lives…I love you Lord- amen.