I have an interesting opportunity.

Saturday, I’ll have 10 minutes, to talk to (then- much more time to talk WITH) MOPS Mentors…… http://www.mops.org/

Part of being a MOPS Mentor- is to come along side of a MOPS Mom, helping her to discover God in her daily life and equipping her to grow closer to Him. She is someone who has “been there, done that” She may not have all the answers, and she may not do everything right, (personally- I prefer that she NOT! Perfect would be pretty tough to learn from, not exactly an attainable goal for me! )

But, she DOES authentically live a God centered, loving life. She has the opportunity to whisper hope to moms, that they can survive motherhood, marriage, life. etc… with God’s help. Mentors don’t TELL Moms what to do, they help them discover God’s will for them. Mentors DO share what has worked for them, and what hasn’t, without expecting that each Moms experience will be the same. Mentoring is more about modeling than it is about teaching. Some Mentors speak to their MOPS groups- some do not. It depends on the unique design and calling of each Mentor.

If you had 10 minutes to tell a group of MOPS Mentors what you need from them… what would you say?????? PLEASE COMMENT- so I can communicate the most prevalent MOMS needs!

(and thnx- you’re helping write my talk!)

You don’t need to be involved in MOPS to answer- you don’t need to be a Mom for that matter- the Mentoring process is similar regardless of the details involved.