I’m adding another Diagnosis to my on going list, kind of my own- personal project:
DSMV-IV for Christianity. Like the original DSMV-IV it will serve to help identify all the ways that Christians, in particular- are crazy… (in the general dysfunctional sense- not the clinical sense— I’ll leave that to the experts.)

The actual DSMV-IV Is actually, a good read… If you want to find out how crazy you, and EVERYONE you know is……(It’s the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders- basically used by mental health workers to “code” clients for insurance… oh— and a tool to help with developing effective treatment plans….blah blah…)

For fun: Here’s the real one…..DSMV-IV)


It will take time for my own to reach publication……in the meantime—– the next entry will be:

CCD- Culturally Confused Disorder: A disorder by which- the sufferer becomes confused by their unique and chosen, surrounding micro-cultures- to the point at which they become irrelevant to the surrounding ,sometimes concentric micro- macro- culture (s) Occasionally, confusing to those in their other surrounding micro-cultures as well. Sufferer may be subject to using language that is not understood. Hence the CONFUSION is contagious.

It seems like- in our search for identity, we keep building “Micro-cultures” around us… you can find all kinds—–some are healthy— some, well, not so much. We create a “group” with which we can “Identify” (be and feel part of- to be “known” by) we create our own language—- our own standards- and rules for living and acceptance—-

OK- I totally think I made up the Micro-Macro culture thing, regardless- I think it’s true.

I read a couple of great and challenging blog entries that made great points about jargon/slang and language being confusing even limiting the effectiveness of communication.

The first one- looks at the WHY of jargon/slang’s development, and it’s usage in regards to exclusivity: (I love this woman)


The second is a good example of languages’ generally confusing nature- I especially loved the line that said….

Is there any reason known?
To sum up all, it seems to me
Sound and letters don’t agree

(I like this- because- I am convinced- that sometimes- I hear the sounds of words— but miss their meaning…)


I’ve been thinking about it for a long time….About, CCD, I mean. And- I guess I am affected by it.

I love to learn… I say all the time— one of my general goals is to learn everything about everything…..in learning, reading listening— I heara lott of words. Taken out of the “Micro-cultures” understanding– the words are irrelevant, meaningless, confusing- even crazy sounding.

However, within- their cultural context, they are understood. (well- MOSTLY)

Here’s the thing I don’t get.

How can I relate to my surrounding “Micro-cultures” and still stay culturally relevant to the “Macro-cultures” I am also part of?????

See- I have chosen to identify myself- with a certain “micro-culture”… Well- really- I chose to IDENTIFY with Christ, and His followers. Part of identifying- is understanding the language- (sometimes the LINGO- or Jargon) in order to communicate and understand communications from others. In order to learn.

We also use culturally understood language, in order to communicate to the culture with which we identify.
(I need to be wearing my son’s “department of redundancy department” shirt.)

Sometimes, we use jargon to exclude certain listeners from understanding-( I do this — well ,I DID do this, with my kids when they were younger— you know—“talking OVER their heads”. Well, you THINK you are anyways—- until they all of a sudden respond to something you said- with total understanding—-then you switch tactics- fast!- the funny part of this—-now that my kids are TEENS—- they have had the same experiences with ME!!!! Thinking they are talking over my head, I mean)

Other times- we use it- in order to communicate, culturally understood ideas. Not necessarily to exclude- but to streamline communication, to kind of “standardize it”.

I guess I see myself as “Multi-Cultural” (well- I TRY anyways!) See, while I most strongly identify with a certain micro-culture—- I also operate in several OTHERS. At the same time…. you probably do too. This is where the CCD strikes……

How many Micro-cultures do I identify with???????

Hmmm lets see-

The “Christian Culture”
The “80’s Culture”— ( ummm it’s kind of where I’m from..)
The “Knitting culture”- (duh-there’ss’ a whole language we speak!)
The “Business culture”- not because I’m part— but because my husband and friends- are- and because I love them— I want to understand their “language”….
The “Parenting Preschoolers Culture”
The Parenting Teens Culture”
The “Parentingpreschoolerss Culture” (Can you say BOZ? Dora the Explorer? These have languages unto their own… like pullups- etc….)
“The SAHM Culture”
The “Online Culture”… LOL, AOL, ROFL,
The “Blogging Culture”
I used to be part of the “Homeschooling culture”

The list goes on, and on…..each one- with it’s own rules.. each one with it’s own language.

Then, there is the “Macro-Culture” of the country I live in,the US. (I speak English-as do most here.)

Then, there’s the “Macro-Generational Culture”, to which I belong……And the SUPER-Macro-Multi-Generational Culture in which I live…… (YES, I’m making this ALL UP- I think)

Crap. The truth is I am affected by- and need to communicate in SEVERAL different languages at ONCE!

I took French in jr-high and high school—– Like 6 years—–I remember almost NONE.

If I can’t remember ONE language that I’ve studied intentionally— HOW AM I SUPPOSED to navigate this??????? These are fluid, changing languages and cultures…….

The best plan I can come up with, is “knowing your audience” and speaking their language.

Jesus Did. (you knew I was gonna get to the God thing)

When Jesus told stories—- they were culturally relevant- to a farmer- he talked about farming- to religious leaders he talked about religious practices of the time… stuff that was culturally relevant. To whatever Micro-or macro-culture He was dealing with at the time.

I’m no Jesus- (duh- this we know) but I think I do ok communicating when I can identify WHO my audience is……But—-

Sometimes, there is a MULTI cultural audience– the blogosphere is a pretty good example of that. You just never know WHO your audience is. It really could be anyone… (well- or NO-ONE!)

What do you do then?

At this point- I’m just trying to avoid as much “cultural cliche'” as possible.

Sometimes- I find it’s a struggle—-see I am so entrenched in my “cultures” that I don’t always know HOW to communicate without the “languages” I’ve learned, and learned FROM. Sometimes I just assume people know what I’m talking about. My HUSBAND recently asked me who “DH” was.. when He was reading my blog. DH= Darling Husband. (I love him!)

I Recently sent out invites to a MOPS event—- and called it a “Network and Nosh” I had a couple of my awesomely authentic leaders say— after they had arrived— so Trace, what does “NOSH” mean? I just assumed- Nosh just means eat….. What a dork… assuming always gets me in trouble….

But so does assuming someone DOESN’T know what I mean— that can comes across as condescension. Something that drives me NUTS.

One of the cool things about communication- is that it requires 2 parties. There needs to be give-and take,in a conversation to assure clarification and understanding.

I GET that I’m not always clear— I GET that sometimes I become CCD—– And am affected with Cultural Confusion Disorder…..That I am prone to using language that is “irrelevant” to others- especially those who identify with other “micro-cultures” more strongly….

My blog is usually very conversational. (Umm in general- I’m pretty conversational… my report cards always said the same thing.. “Tracey talks too much in class”…..)

Here’s the thing- My HEART….my gut doesn’t want to EXCLUDE. I truly, just sometimes am at a loss for words that “translate”….Especially in regards to communicating about my journey with God.

I guess I need YOUR help.

See- I need you to ask questions— to help me clarify what I mean. If something sounds like “The Teacher from Charlie Brown” Has taken over my blog— you know (WHAH WHA WAH WAH wah…) Or I don’t make sense to you- please e-mail- comment- ask a question…….

I want to SHARE,not exclude. I want this to be a space for communication- not just Tracey “Spouting” irrelevant crap.

I’m suffering with a touch of CCD…. could you help with my “treatment plan?”

Call-me out when I use cliches’ that mean nothing – I’d appreciate the help. I LOVE communicatin’. I love learning new stuff- let me know what your thinkin—-

Oh— and I’ll let you know when my DSMV-IV for Christianity is going to print—— However- it will take some time.. as most of the Disorders I discover are IN ME. And- usually that takes awhile even to IDENTIFY!!!!!!

Dear Lord- I KNOW I suffer with CCD….. please help me to communicate clearly- and with love, in ALL the micro-cultures, macro-cultures in which I belong— and help me learn the languages of others—- just cause I don’t YET understand- doesn’t mean I don’t want too. I love you Lord- amen!