1) Take care of your friends- they’ll take care of you.

2) Curl your eyelashes- it makes your eyes look bigger.

3) A real friend hands you toilet paper under the stall….

4) Living in community means you have someone to borrow toilet paper from, when you need it.

5) Love is an action. Do it. Show it.

6) People change. (she has- My moms great;)

7) Sometimes ya gotta draw a line and say enough is enough. Cause, it is.

8) Borrowing toilet paper from the next door neighbor is “good for your character” (well- i guess it knocks the pride out of ya anyway)

9) If my friends all jump off a bridge— I don’t have too.. (although if it looks like fun- I might, by choice.;)

10) Time is short. Love your people.

11) I should watch my mouth. (umm I gotta work on that oneI have a tendancy to be a TAD sarcastic)

12) If you survive motherhood- Grandparenting is the reward.

13) Take care of yourself- but don’t be a nut about it…. (we’re both working on that one….)

14) My mom believes I can do absolutely anything. She’s crazy. But- I am usually not afraid to try new things. so thnx for that one too- mom!

15) Love is saying, yes- those jeans make you look fat. Buy the other ones instead.
(Sometimes the truth hurts- but it’s better to know it, than to walk around with spinach in your teeth and jeans that make you look fat.)

#1 thing my mother has taught me:

We’re both crazy-bossy and annoying- but, we love each other.

My mom taught me You can love crazy, bossy and annoying people, you can’t always WORK with them… but you can love them! ;)

Happy Mothers Day Mom.

BTW the blonde in the little red car.. that’s my mom.

I need more non- beach pics mom. (She’d KILL me if I put up a beach picture- as I would her.)