DaVinci Delusions… CAUTION….RANT……

Here’s the thing.

The DaVinci Code is FICTION. It is sold as FICTION. It was written as fiction. As Fiction, it’s fine, there is intrigue, there is mystery, murder and conspiracy. All the makings of a popular fiction book. It will probably be a good movie.

Although , I personally find it fairly formulaic, it’s fine.

What freaks me out— is how crazy people are being about it.

People are BELIEVING this book is factual. After finally reading the book- (sorry I’m late coming to this one) I’d have to say it would require greater “faith” to believe Dan Brown’s premise in this book- than it would to believe the Biblical account. His story is well written- in the sense that, it draws the reader into it, as a created reality. However- believing that it is reality, is the intellectual equivilent of believing that “Watership Down” is a true account of the secret lives of rabbits… or that the “Star Wars” series of books is true. They aren’t. I’d just encourage you- prior to BELIEVIING any thing you read—to check your facts.

Here are a few good resources for fact checking on this issue:



What Dan Brown has done, is both summarized and expounded upon some classic unfounded “myths” that people WANT to believe, simply because some prefer to believe that God is a lie, Jesus is a lie, and the Bible is false. Dan Brown has struck a cord. The cord is a desire discredit and trash “The Church”.

Here is my issue. (OK- we all know this is just ONE of my issues;) I’m not looking to believe what I WANT to believe— I’m looking for the TRUTH.

My goal in posting is not to argue the validity of Dan Brown’s premise– you can check the facts for that on your own, from much better resources than me. My goal is- to encourage you to think- and search. Look for the truth- I believe you’ll find it.

Dear Lord- This whole Davinci Code thing is just so lame to me, I am really baffled that people seem to WANT to believe in fiction. The truth is- there is more historical evidence that you- are true- than there is that Dan Brown’s premises are- I pray that you would make the truth known to all man- including me- I love you Lord- amen.

PS— to those who read Dan Brown AS the fiction that it is— I am NOT criticizing you, I just don’t get those who believe fiction as fact.

pps– back to knitting- I promise;)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delusion FYI- Delusions- are false beliefs, my contextual meaning here- is not in a clinical sense, but in an intellectual sense- as in when we choose to believe unfounded, un-explored ideas as facts.

A book of fiction, is not a reference for fact.

AT the library- they aren’t even in the same SECTION.;)

end of rant- thnx for your patience- ts