There is a potty seat, in my KITCHEN.

People… I said, ” There is a potty seat in MY KITCHEN”. Why is this a shock to me? I think I must have blocked out my previous potty training experiences….

Last night, during dinner, it was “Showtime at the Apollo”. There should be a limit to multi-tasking. Pottying during dinner. WITH an audience…. just isn’t right. No worries….As we get a little more momentum, we’ll be making changes.

This is NOT the first time I’ve done this. But, honestly, it’s been a long time. I think, that the same grace that God gives us, to forget the pain of childbirth (regardless of your method of birth… adoption, c-section or labor) MUST also be applicable in other areas of parenting as well.

LIKE POTTY TRAINING. That MUST be it. (or I’m losing my mind.. which is likewise, possible.)

I don’t remember it being so chaotic, or time consuming.

For now, a large portion of my day is spent….

Looking at pee pee and poo. Clapping for pee-pee and poo. KEEPING the DOG out of the pee pee and poo… at the same time , I’m chasing a naked preschooler around the house to encourage the boy to redress himself. Putting sponge-bob stickers on the potty chart… and patiently waiting for Mr Big Boy to choose from his reward box after every 5 stickers…..(that can take a considerable amount of time in itself.)

BTW…. mr Big Boy has discovered, that if he “splits his stocks” so to speak… and returns to “finish his deposit” .. 10 minutes later… he will get MORE stickers….. little stinker. (literally and figuratively.) The stickers are about forward momentum… not legalism. So I’m giving them for every “deposit”. ummmm “Liquid assets” are 1 sticker, and ummm “Goldbars” are 2.

I’m trying not to be too gross. ;)

5 stickers= one visit to the goodie box. 4 sheets of completed skickers… will mean a “SWINGSET” (ummmmm yeah- this kids 4. We had to break out the BIG bribery)

any ways…..

Today, I did all of this, pull-up pulling, dog chasing, potty emptying, naked child chasing…. ALL while conducting a call to evaluate my year as a MOPS Council Coordinator. My supervisor and I also worked on goal setting for next year. I also worked on a year -end mailing to all of my Council’s leaders. (I’ll need to proof read that, before I send it, Lord only knows WHAT I typed while multi-tasking today….)

It’s funny, how in parenting, the DAYS can feel so long. But, the years go by so fast. (NOT an original thought.. someone said it long before me…but .. I don’t rememeber THAT either.) I swear, it was yesterday, that my first was born. And my second. And surely, it WAS yesterday that the youngest was born.

Yet, it wasn’t. Truthfully, I’ve been in no rush for Mr Big Boy to grow up. Every day, while I still face the struggles of parenting, I also have 2 teenaged constant reminders, that while today felt long… the years DO go by fast.

Tomorrow, may be my last day to ever change diapers.


But, also… *sniffle, wipe a tear* as well.

This is our last child. I will never hold a baby of my own again. We were surprised by God’s blessing in this little guy. (Oh please, you don’t PLAN them with a 10 year GAP. After 10 years of sex without pregnancy….you’re pretty confident you won’t get pregnant… DON’T BE.) Anways, we have been awed by the love and joy we’ve shared since his arrival. Each of our guys has been a delight. And, there have been many seasons of change.

This is another one.

Next will be preschool, then kindergarten. Then, full day school. By then, my oldest will be choosing a college. There will be “loads” more adventures in store… (pardon the PUN) but- we’ll miss the “baby days”.

Kind of. – let’s face it. It will also be quite nice to eat dinner without feeling like we’re in the bathroom.

Generally, I try to avoid eating in the bathroom, even a mom of 3 boys has LIMITS.

Dear Lord, I ask you to help me make the absolute MOST of the time I have with my guys. I know it goes fast. Please help me to honor you, in the midst of the changes, and in the midst of life, I love you Lord, and ask you to make yourself real in my boys lives, amen. Oh, and Lord— please help us make it thru this potty training thing!