Sometimes all it takes to get ya moving- to complete a project… is admitting how much you don’t WANT to.

Further admission—-While photographically- natural lighting is best… that is not the reason the pic was taken outside—-the grass is the only place that didn’t need vacuuming- as laundry and knitting is all I accomplished today.

The “Stats”:

“Kiri” Pattern online, free at

The yarn? Debbie Bliss Pure Silk- like 7 skeins…. (I didn’t keep track- sorry) Color:

Currently- soaking in Eucalan- Lavander wash- in waiting for blocking tonight. (Have to vacuum first)

US #8 needles- Holz and Stein….(a gift)

I’ll measure after blocking- (sorry- forgot- was too excited once the ends were woven in…;)

Finished pics tomorrow- have to catch up on housework!