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Sometimes you just “roll with it”. Thats what we did.

It was an interesting trip to say the least.

It was an RV park…. which apparently gives you the opportunity to have a “full hook-up” but that means you have about 8 feet of room between campers– (not sites) and apparently it also means- you’ll be eating dinner on a picnic table that is 3 feet from your neighbors “poop-pipe”

OK- so we mostly ate inside- it was hot- so that was workable.

Did I mention 90 + degrees? HOT, very HOT.

So, Saturday we went to Cabelas. yehaw.

Boys all had fun.

We also explored a cute little town… Blissfield or something, where “Floyd” the Barber (OK- some other name- but SAME kind of guy) cut DH’s hair…. not sure about the haircut- but DH fellin love with Floyd. (oy)

We also scoured a few antique shops- I found a very cool old bell- sans clapper- for the mantle… and a cute little pin to wear on my silk kiri.

Saturday night was a big campfire- pyro fest—- until we noticed a disgusting SMELL…. it was the ground… and it smelled like rotten eggs everytime the sun went down- I refuse to even imagine why. I don’t want to know.

Sunday- was even hotter- so, of course- we went to the Zoo. I managed to find Knitting paraphernalia at the zoo;)- they carried Lanternmoon baskets- so I picked one up that will work great for the rest of my summer knitting./camping.

The Monkeys were sweating— (ok- I made that up) but we sure were- so we went to dinner -then back to the campground to the “heated pool” heated for polar bears- I suppose! ….Then played games in the camper…scrabble wth a preschooler and 2 teens is a trip.

We also played some card games that I still am not sure how to play— but we had a great time.

Sunday night- one of my guys- whose identity is here protected— got a stomach thing—and tossed his cookies —in the sink. NOT fun to clean out a camper sink in the middle of the night.

He was fine the next day…. oh, camping is always an adventure!!

Monday we headed home—

Busy, stinky fun and silly- I’m always amazed- 1) that we survive— and 2) that the same people who nearly kill each other in a house that is plenty big enough— can get along so well.. in a 100th of the space…. (don’t bother I didn’t do the math- I made those numbers up)

Anyway- that was the camping adventure— more pics on the flickr badge— ;)

Dear Lord- thanks for a great sweaty stinky adventure filled weekend with my guys- I love them Lord- and thank you for them…amen!