At my house this comic would go one step further—-

See- Noah is pretty sure sharing with the dog is absolutely FINE. (He’d fight for the marshmallows though)

I once told him…. “Don’t eat that.. the dog was eating it!”

He answered– “Sami’s fine with it. She likes to share with me.”

I honestly think he THOUGHT I was saying not to take the dog’s food.

I’m not sure how I feel about the current status of my mothering.

Noah is the 3rd of 3 boys.

There is a large gap in their ages— (most know- they are 16, 14 and 4)

Let’s just say that my “parenting style” has changed pretty dramatically over the last 17 years.

My “First Born” ate only home-made baby food, watched only PBS, and wasn’t allowed to have any gun-or weapon related toys. I taught him to read at 3. He says I was too protective. I probably was– but I have to say- my methods of control didn’t work. I had read everything– and tried to do everything RIGHT. Somethings worked- some— not so much.

He learned to crave junk food- (still loves it) IS pretty picky about TV (but we all are… there isn’t much we really like… but what we do — we really DO;) although he had no “toy guns” he made EVERYTHING into a gun. He now LOVES war games and strategy/ killing video games.

My “Middle Child” was born in the busy frantic years— 2 kids 2 1/2 yrs apart…. he ate what we did- or what his brother did- played games and had guns. He ate cookies , candy etc…he’s now more apt to order a caesar salad- than to order dessert. He’s not much into killing games, plays them when he feels like it…/ but not as obsessed.

The “Little Guy”? Well- he enjoys being a part of what the big guys do— whether it’s fishing, games or “The Deadliest Catch” or “Mythbusters”. He likes to go online— but prefers to any of the big guy stuff– he also loves kipper the dog… and Pingu….he’ll eat what we do, but we usually have pretty healthy meals… will eat snacks but it just as apt to ask for string cheese as he is for cookies… for the violence quota— like most boys he’s a gun making, bad guy getting, superhero. Spiderman is his hero of preferance. He occasionally watches…. oh my WORD— POWER RANGERS!

Actually- we’re spider family- maybe you didn’t know?

I am SpiderMom
Dad is Spider Dad
Noah is Spiderman.

He hates the Green Goblin.

He and Daddy have the whole 67 season of the original Spiderman cartoons……. thats a LOT of cartoons.

My oldest sometimes says he can’t believe I’ve let the little guy actually WATCH Power Rangers……(there was no way when Mike was little that I’d let HIM….)

Sometimes I wonder– has it been a slippery slope type of thing????

Some probably has— but truthfully- I think I’ve learned to lighten up. Some of the “protective measures” I’ve taken, have had the opposite effect from what I WANTED.

Yet, there ARE limits. It’s NOT an “anything goes” type of home- by far. But, I think- one of the most valuable things I’ve learned- is that CONSISTENCY doesn’t mean INFLEXIBILITY.

The truth is— some of the things I once held pretty firm- I now see as ineffective. For my family. And- in reality- for me.Sometimes in trying to do everything RIGHT— we made ourselves crazy. When we realized it– we had to be flexible and change— or go NUTS— or worse- make our kids NUTS! Or- sick…..for example….

While in one of my “Perfect Mom Phases” with the oldest- (poor kid) I was convinced that refined sugar was the enemy.

In an act of “good momminess” I bought him “sugar free” gummy bears. SOunded like a “good mom” thing to do.

Have you ever read the warning on sugar free candy? Let’s just say— I should have… it reads:


In a 2 year old— going to grandmas to spend the night…. It DID. A LOT of it.

All over the boat club. (Hmmmm I missed that—it was a date noght for mom and dad… aw geeee….;)

I guess the verdict is still out on my new approach to parenting- the “less controlling” one…. the proof will be in the kid pudding I suppose- but now the pudding will be made with natural sugar— it has less side effects;)

Dear Lord- I pray for wisdom in parenting- help me to honor you with my decisions and my choices, God- I pray I know where to draw lines- and where not to bother……I love you Lord- and trust you with my guys— besides- I know in my heart they really belong to you-But- God– the whole Noah sharing his food with Sami, whenever I turn my back? — please protect him from the dog GERMS!!!! I love you Lord- amen.