Of course- I had NOTHING to do with the new look to my blog.

I received an e-mail a few days ago-from Laura She has been reading- and wanted to do something special for Extreme Adventures, look. I’ll sure say she has!

Laura was terrific to work with! She took one of my favorite pics of the little guy- and developed the whole look around it!

Laura was patient through my fumbles and changes- as well as with, my , well lets just say my “hesitation” at believing her wonderful offer! (I believe my final email said something like….”You really weren’t some crazy stalker/con artist! I didn’t think so- but you never know- online! It’s beautiful!!!!!!!! Perfect! I LOVE IT!!!!!!” )

Actually thats exactly what it said- I copy/ cut pasted! If you’re looking for web-design- I can’t recommend Laura highly enough- shes creative, good to work with, and patient!

Laura- AKA Swank Web Style thanks so much for blessing me! You certainly DID!!!!!