I stepped down, and found my foot in cold, wet brown lumps. It was located on steps 3, 5 and 7, of the stairs leading to the bedrooms.

On closer inspection- I found the cold, wet, brown lumps, to resemble cat food. RESEMBLE, being the operative word here.

That was yesterday . This afternoon, while going up to do a quick load of laundry. I noticed they were no longer cold, nor wet. (However, they still do resemble cat food)

This is a disgusting confession, I admit.

Yesterday, I left it where it was. I just was curious, would anyone else clean it up? The “lumps” are impassable without notice. You have to TRY to avoid them. It appears, that all, in my home, would prefer to do the “kitty cha-cha slide” down the steps, as opposed to cleaning it up.

I wasn’t amused.

I was ticked.

My brain was screaming…. “what is wrong with these people? Can’t they see the cat puke on the steps? DO I look like a maidservice? Am I the ONLY ONE WHO can see cat puke, and register that information, as a job to clean up? Doesn’t anyone here believe in “FINDERS KEEPERS?” “WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO CLEAN UP ALL THE MESSES!!!!???”

I stomped to the downstairs bathroom, to grab cleaning supplies. My brain raging all the way.

Then, a quiet voice said simply, “Why not?”

Oh, you can debate whether God still speaks today, all you’d like, I suppose it is possible that it was my conscience breaking through my tirade, at any rate- it got my attention.

“Because..I’m… I ……… They should…..” was pretty much I could stutter. Truth is, I didn’t have a good answer to the question, “why not?”.

Thats when it hit me……my guts were screaming out— “because I’m better than that.”

Am I?

Pride is ugly. Especially, my own.

Next came the waves of guilt. “I should be happy I have a home, I should be glad I have steps to clean, and a family to clean up after……”

Mothering isn’t simple.

It can be a thankless,(the thank-yous are so appreciated though) overwhelming, (but sometimes monotonous) frustrating, (and yet fun) wonderful, rewarding, indignate, dignified, simple, confusing, humiliating, (ask me about the time I was nursing in a restaurant- and mr busybody yanked ALL of the coverings!) pride-filled (I do have great pride (in a good way, mostly;) in my husband and kids— ) and yes, sometimes, even a holy(it is filled with God moments) endeavor.

There are days, when I act and react in ways that are good, (and surprise myself) then there are days, when I’m just, well, very HUMAN. Like today.

Again. Jesus washed feet.

I will clean up cat puke.

Years ago- Elisa Morgan, President of MOPS International, told a similar experience that she had, had. With a similar response. Today, God used her story again, to remind me, I’m not the worst mother in the world, because I got ticked over cat puke left to dehydrate. It took courage for her to share her story- and it helped me- today- all these years later!

That’s why I’m sharing mine today;)

I’m a real mom. With a real God, Who is a real help, when I need Him most. Like today.

Dear Lord- thank you for being with me- even when I can be so pride filled- please forgive me for thinking I’m better than cleaning up puke, Lord. I am so thankful, that I have a home to clean, and a family to get frustrated with.

I pray for those that don’t, that you’d meet their needs, and bring friends who can help as well.

I also pray for those who do, and who like me, find it frustrating and wonderful, all at the same time, I love you Lord- and want to honor you in all I do- even in cleaning up cat puke- amen!

PS- stay tuned for Wednesday’s post…..

The NHWS (National Hormone Warning System) will be issuing a hormone storm warning….fo Canton, MI! Gee, ya THINK?