This is a ridiculous post. Be forewarned.

Noah changed his “pull-up”- looked at the contents- then happily exclaimed:

“Look, Mommy! I Pooped a Panda! “

I looked and, why, yes- it DID resemble a Panda. Vaguely.

(BTW this did lead into yet another conversation about big boys who can recognize panda’s in their poo, should certainly be using the potty)


In answer to your questions, in advance:

1) No, I did not photograph, said “poo”. (My DH’s first question)

2) Yes, I make him change his own pull-up. He’s plenty big enough.

3) Yes, I’ve read countless potty training books, and have tried everything ;)

PS does anyone have an inside line on what colleges accept students in “pull-ups” ‘Cause I’m starting to wonder……

Knitting update will be posted later;)