Since I was dragging yarn around the mall on my “Girls Night Out” Last night… I suppose the answer would be . YES;)

I suppose I have avoided posting knitting content, for 2 reasons.

1) Because I am in a knitting Quandry.

2) Because I have sunk to a new knit-addictive low- (or high-based on your perspective;)

Let me explain:

First the quandry. In the pic you can see a lovely (if I do say so myself) sock- in Claudia’s Handpaint- Ingrid’s Blues Colorway. The yarn is SOFT, the colors- perfect beach sky sand and water colors…. doesn’t seem like a dilemma, or problem, does it?

Look CLOSELY. Please note the mismatched needles.

I think these socks are doomed. I first Broke a US #1 Lantern Moon needle. I happily found a Pattern that calls for 4 needles– The Hedera Pattern , I thought I had averted a problem…. started knitting away- when I LOST Needle #4. I replaced it with another wood needle- but it’s a bit short- so I’m having trouble keeping the stitches on.

Fine. I’m a trooper- I can conquer this challenge. I keep going, then I try on the sock- and it’s longer than I prefer…. but I figure— It’s ok- I can deal with it….. until I notice that the ball of pretty yarn is NO WHERE Near enough to complete the SOCK.

Disgusted. I put it in the knitting bag- in time out. I’ll start another sock on matching needles from the other ball of yarn before I frog that one. I HATE ripping out work. Such a waste.

Question? Hmmmmm for the LIFE of ME I cannot decide how to rip this sock out. I will probably start from the outside of the ball- put it on the winder- then work to the center and pull from the sock. PITB (Pain in the putt) If you have a beeter suggestion for frogging—- let me know.

Next reason (excuse) for not posting knitting content? See the pretty knit swirl objects? Yes- they are DISHCLOTHS. (Washclothes, actually) I cannot even believe I have knit them. I am a bargain mavin- and am totally aware that I can buy dishclothes and washclothes at the DOLLAR STORE…. but aren’t these cute? All Pinwheelie and prettiful???????

Told you- another level of knitting addiction. ;) (Actually- these are all gifts- they’ll be wrapped around bath bombs and presented with love…. so THERE! ;)

In the Pic is a quick pair of Sassy Stripes Sockies….. Easy and cute.

And On the wheel- I’m still spinning the natural colored Alpaca. Pretty and soft- but I’m slow at spinning the slippery fibers. I have something special planned for it when it’s done though!

So that’s my confession—–Yes I’m knitting…

Oh… and don’t ask about my Amazing Lace Project— i’m afraid of the BORDER, so I’m practicing AVOIDANCE.