OK- the last time I was TAGGED— I was 11, and I’m pretty sure it was cartoon tag…. this is different…. but still fun, and ya pretty much don’t have to sweat- roll in fresh cut grass till you itch(somehow all games of tag when I was a child ended this way), or otherwise move away from your keyboard….. works for me, Thanx Tricia!

If you could write a novel about any subject, what would it be? (Just the subject–don’t give away your plot idea!)

Mom in The Middle…….The adventures of a mother who’s been there done that and now, when she least expects it…. while parenting teens, she’s doin’ it again…….SURPRISE!

Instead of a 20 something mom- she’s now a 3o something mom, pushing a stroller through college visits….singing rock and roll lullabyes….with teens who know the opening song to Dora the Explorer…an eclectic family, to say the least.

I see scenes where preschoolers roll their eyes like teenagers and where teenagers act like preschoolers… (ok- so that’s not necessarity a stretch;)

I see a Mom in the middle- many of the moms her age are just starting out… and many are finished with the “little guy stuff”.

Hmmmmm I guess it’s true, you write what ya know…. cause THIS IS MY LIFE!

This one’s a Mom in the Middle.

Mission Suburbia:

A family takin back their “hood” for God. A humorous look at a suburban family who loves God, and wants to reach out to the people around them. However- they live in a multi cultural neighborhood….. language and cultural obstacles abound……. can you say CULTURE SHOCK? Their approaches aren’t always effective, but their hearts are in the right place, can God work through them? Definitely. Sometimes, even in spite of them. Besides, he’s been known to speak through Donkeys, ya know!

The Executives Wife- Christian AND Executive? Yeah, interesting. Dress her up, take her out…. it’s a little like playing dress-up for a little while but can she be herself in the world of business execs, dinner parties and industry events? Is it ethical to carry a “nada Prada?” (Prada bag knock off….) is it ethical to carry a REAL one?

The ethics questions get much more sticky. Can her husband honor God be a great Dad and be a great exec?

Trust me, it can be done….. although it gets interesting.

Now the question— who to tag????????

First, in order to play- you’ll have to go here and find out a bit more… I was tagged by Tricia…. and I think I’ll tag….

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