There are five people in my family. How is it that I can do multiple loads of laundry, EVERYDAY, and never be finished?dirtylaundry

5 people should equal-

5 shirts
5 pair underwear
5 pants
5 pair socks
sleepwear of some sort (guys=mostly underwear)
some towels
and a weekly load of sheets.

Thats about 2 loads a day…without any load carry-over…….

Doesn’t work that way. Not at my house.

Maybe it’s me. See, I have a problem. (OK– we all know I have many- but usually just cover one issue per day;)

I have laundry issues.

Serious ones:

1) I have an upstairs laundry – for CONVENIENCE- but instead, insist on carrying laundry to livingroom DOWNSTAIRS, to fold- then back up to put away. I know this is crazy- but I want to be where the people are;)

2) I have no problem- sorting,washing, drying and folding laundry- It’s the PUTTING it AWAY that kills me. Why can’t we cut to the chase and just use laundry baskets instead of dressers and closets? (ummmmmm well— I guess for the amount of time that laundry sits in baskets at my house- you could say that we do;) Better yet- disposable clothing sounds good to me. (besides- ocassionally my boys fishing clothes ARE disposed of- they are that disgusting;)

3)Everyday (just about)-I put clean folded, sorted laundry onto my “laundry valet” (my bed) The laundry is sorted into family member piles- ready for pick-up. No one picks it up. DH goes to bed- places laundry on floor or other handy surface, and it quickly becomes “indistinguishable” as clean, once again. (especially when our “bad cat” becomes disgusted with her litterbox and decides clean laundry is a much more suitable “restroom”)

Told ya- I got laundry issues.

How does my aversion to putting laundry away- multiply my laundry?????????

When people dig through baskets of laundry, they frequently”unfold”and drop items they don’t need at the moment, on the floor. When left un-supervised, the clean clothes become laundry once again. This is especially problematic when one compounds the problem by having family members who think putting dirty laundry “near” a laundry basket, is equal to putting it in the hamper.

Clean folded clothes+falling out of the basket while the underwear hunt ensues+dirty laundry on the floor=an additional loads of laundry.

(That covers my laundry algebraic equation for next next 6 months)

” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes I hate Ben Franklin. Don’t get me wrong- I’m sure he’s a great guy, but I mean I hate him in the ” I hate it when you’re right kind of way”.

I keep folding- putting in baskets sorting on the bed- and starting all over again, tomorrow. Same clothes- different load. Same activity- same outcome- clean clothes mixed with dirty- laundry washed and re-washed………over and over.

I keep expecting a different outcome- (I’m not sure what—-well ok- my DREAM outcome is that everyone goes upstairs at the end of the day- picks up their fresh laundry from atop the “laundry valet” and puts it away…….(they are 40, 16, 14 and 4 for pete’s sake!)

Maybe I don’t just have “issues” apparently, I’m INSANE.

Can I get off of my crimes of laundry- for INSANITY?

(please oh please oh please say yes- please oh please oh please say the government will send a laundry aid (because of my impairment) to put away all the laundry that I wash and lovingly fold (BTW I fold the RIGHT way…not because of the video, but because my Mommy taught me to.) Towels- in thirds lengthwise then half then (possibly half again) width wise. Towels are ready for the rack this way. Wash clothes? Must be triangles- then they top my towels on the rack…. I swear I am “Laundry Rainwoman!” I hear myself mumbling:

“Towels must be in thirds, washcloths on the diagonal…..”

INSANE Laundry Posse- I’m starting a group, wanna join?

OK- so heres the task- do YOU have laundry issues? What are they? post-em in the comments;)

Dear Lord- I know I should be thankful – I have a family- to dirty clothes- I have a home to store them in- I have a washer and dryer to wash them in—- water from a faucet- and and so much more- please help me to keep my humor about the laundry- and to get it all put away—-if you want to send “laundry angels” that would be nice too;) Serving you in the laundry psych-ward- amen;)

UPDATE: Second day of Highschool was much better than the first;) ! (see yesterdays post)