Boys. I forgot something very important in this POST. Maybe not so much “forgot” as had a traumatic stress type response and blocked it out of my mind.

It “flooded” back into memory a few days ago.

We’re still working on the “potty training thing”. Mr Big Boy came running into the living room, stark nakey. “I went! I did it, Mommy! I went on the potty!” We did the happy potty dance…then I told him to put on a fresh “pull-up”.

I sat down and went back to what I was doing. It was quiet.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him standing, his back to me. He was still nakey. I turned to remind him that contrary to his preferences…we don’t live in a “clothing optional” home…. when I noticed the rainboot, he was holding in front of him.

Can you guess?

Yep. He was peeing in it.

I knew better than to scream or laugh. I demanded the boot- and made sure he dressed. I could not speak.

This is another thing that boys do:

They pee in strange places.

I am a girl. (a very old girl… but still) I don’t get it. I have a hard enough time “going in a cup” when I’m pregnant. (Pregnancy makes finding a toilet and peeing a full-time job).

My husband- and friends have assured me that, while this is not “preferred ” boy behavior- it is normal. Messy, but normal.

My mother in law tells tales of boys peeing in fish tanks….and wall outlets. (God bless her- she had 4 boys— THEN a girl;) I wonder at how she managed.

I remember the time I bundled my 5 and 3 year olds up to play in the snow—– I opened the door to call them in- to find them standing on the ROOF of my car. “In the act”….. I screamed the question every mom knows is rhetorical… but every child will occasionally answer truthfully:


“Peeing for distance, Mom. See?”

They risked frostbite—- for that?

Yep- Boys just might. They do that, you know.

This time He “gave it the boot.” He did later tell me- that he really had to go- and didn’t think he could make it back to the potty. That happens when you’re cold and nakey, I suppose. It could have been worse— it could have been in one of my plants. (They’re all silk)

I have to hand it to the little guy. It was convenient. Besides- maybe this is exactly how urinals were invented…. dawn was breaking and some cow-boy guy had to go…. a boot was all he had. It’s possible.

Just sayin;)

PS— I’m just glad it was a rubber boot- could have been a tennis shoe. At least it was water-tight. BTW…. I’ve bleached it…. aired it….. but somehow it feels like I should toss them out…. anybody wanna vote? Should we keep the boots? or throw them out?

Has your child been “creative” in his potty problem solving? Tell us! This week we could all use a good laugh…..Post ’em in the comments. Keep it appropriate— but post away;)