Today, I’m thinking.

(don’t be so surprised;)

Here is what I’m thinking about:

Ravi Zacharias’ “Let My People Think” Podcast

A 6 part Leadership seminar on “Worship”

It is excellent.

Why the spinning pics?

‘Cause I’ve been spinning and listening and thinking…. my spinning is improving. The roving is hand dyed…. I bought ages ago. It’s not very soft…. but the colors are great. (ocean/water colors)

Anyway- hopefully I’ll spend the afternoon writing.

Also still knitting away… knee deep in my “Print o the Waves wrap” on repeat 32 of 34. I was etting excited… like “I’m almost there” until I found out it’s the edging that that takes forever. Disappointed because I started this in July. (among a number of oher things- many that I actually DID finish!)

more pics tomorrow;)