halloween 004Batman!

Even Batman loves his mom……especially when he’s being allowed to eat candy this close to bedtime;)halloween 020

halloween 015Candy diving, a family tradition

halloween 010 Ooops! You got knitting, in my candy! (Koigu KPPM US #2’s from Celtic Swan… that’s a costume for me;)

When I took this, I realized this could be the very LAST pics of my teens even somewhat dressed up for Halloween…..yes- the big one is carrrying his pillow case- straight off the bed and probably still damp from drool….halloween 007

halloween 018Batman knows “Dots” are an attempt by adults to force children to eat “adult stuff'” He’s not buying it, those will go to Daddy.

halloween 006The pre-kids spread…… Halloween is controversial for Christians… our family likes to give full size goodies…. and love on our neighbors for a bit. I try to have something for everybody…. the chocolate lovers, the sour stuff lovers.. and Goldfish for the little ones;) Back to regular blogging tomorrow.. after the sugar wears off.