thnxgiving at home;) 001Pre- dinner— the guys look tired, because they are. The went deer hunting @ 4:30 a.m.! Missing from the table, sugar free- maple glazed corn squash, Mashed potatoes, mashed garlic cauliflower, green beans almondine…(yes- for Mr S and I it was a low carb holiday;) I’ve lost about 10 lbs;)

thnxgiving at home;) 004
Pumpkin pie for the guys- (I don’t like pumpkin pie at ALL….not a temptation) I used almond flour to make the crust.. low carb, and they said it was great)

thnxgiving at home;) 002

What’s left after 3 grown men (2teen- men) eat a holiday meal??? Not much!

thnxgiving at home;) 003

As the pie settles, and a crummy football game plays in the background, a wicked game of chess ensues. (Lasted over an hour. Let it be known that my guys are multi talented and diverse in their interests! And- yes I was standing on the kitchen chair to et this shot— someone really needs to clean the top of that light fixture!) Hunting in the morning- politics over dinner- chess over dessert, and video games before bed….)

thnxgiving at home;) 005

And what have I been doing during this little break? Well- I refused to go to the mall. I am working on a “Clapotis” in Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb- Black Pearl- (dropped 9 stitches-so am making nice progress) and I am spinning some shetland/merino/silk blend… I’m hoping to make handspun mittens for some of my gifties this christmas;)

Today was the “Spinner’s Flock” Handspun Holiday Sale, at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, in Ann Arbor. I’ve decided to start going to the meetings on second Saturdays each month…. we’ll see how that goes! I picked up- Shannon Okey’s “Spin to Knit” while I was there- and some mohair, and a few other goodies… it was interesting. There was plenty of handspun, (which I’d rather make- so didn’t buy) books, wheels, no real fiber to speak of… but a good opportunity to meet some of the members- and shop for fibery treats.

The guys are out hunting again, and Noah and I have a date for dinner and a movie, TGI Fridays, and “Happy Feet” . The reviews are pretty mixed…so we’re planning on ignoring the politics, and watching the cute penguins.

And that is a holiday weekend at our house- how bout yours?