saturdaysky 003

Saturday Morning Sky— out my back door, only slightly deceiving. Looks like I live in a nice rural area, doesn’t it? NOT. We were fortunate enough to find a neighborhood , where there is at least a bit of distance between our home and the neighbors behind us! (The neighbors beside us are only about 30″ away! ;)

I am reading chapter 16 of Luke this morning. “The Shrewd Manager” A quick teaching on divorce and an interesting vignette of heaven and hell…..

Busy here- very busy. We arrived home to the Christmas full-court press. The list is shrinking… but there is still more shopping to do.

I’ve knit 5 pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs. Most of what I’ve ordered from Amazon is in… and waiting to be wrapped.

I’ll be heading out today to try to figure out what to give my inlaws.

Just curious…….even though we “draw names” with the adults in my husbands family- our shopping list is enormous ….

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