Copy of santa pics06 003

Waiting for Santa…

santa pics06 027

Not sure exactly why Noah has the “I can’t believe you said that” look on his face- maybe Santa told a “Daddy Style” joke;)

santa pics06 005

A chance to touch the ornaments…

santa pics06 003

The set up at the mall this year was a HUGE “Happy Feet” theme… hmmm so I PAID to stand in a marketing trap—- ummm yeah. But it WAS cute;)

Copy of santa pics06 012

The Giant snowglobe had blowing “snow” inside- and a sign outside- that said “Snow is edible- rice based product” apparently it was tasty – too;)

We waited for nearly 2 hours, to see Santa. Noah was terrific the whole time…. the teens did their shopping and I THOUGHT about knitting— but didn’t;)

A busy day—- Christmas is coming !!!!!!!!

Today’s Bible reading: Luke 17

SP9 update: The pal that I’m sending to- recieved her extra special Christmas pkg… she liked it! she liked it!— and the post office didn’t lose it! WHEW! ;)