Acute Torticollis

The pic is from a much happier day for my middle son- Matt. NOT today.

Today- the word of the day isn’t happy- but “Acute Torticollis” That- and “muscle relaxant” and “pain killer”….

It was 6:10 a.m. when he started screaming. FYI- I need coffee before people shold ever start screaming. I hadn’t had any yet.

Poor kid- he laid down on the couch this morning- waiting to leave for the bus— then felt something “pop” in his neck- and a scream flew out of his mouth. Couldn’t turn his head, couldn’t sit back- stood up- wouldn’t move. Then, tears slid out from the corners of his eyes. He tried hard not to scream. 14 year olds don’t like to show pain.

After a few minutes- he started feeling lightheaded- and got a terrible headache.

His Dad was home- so we got him to the car and to the ER….

A Muscle Spasm. “Very common in kids, we’re not sure why…” “Vicodin and valium… and ice” In all the years I’ve been a mom- I thought we’d seen it all— the strange rashes… the infections, the vomit- the stitches…

This was a new one.

I’ll add it to the list. But, for now- scroll down for Noah cuteness pics— I’m so thankful for insurance and prescription coverage.