experiments 005

Kidsilk Haze “Violetta”

experiments 010

Forest Canopy Shawl– from “I’m knitting as fast as I can” US #7 Lantern Moon Circulars I’m at 12 repeats…. am making it bigger;)

experiments 012

I’m thinking blocking will work it’s magic…. but not sure about this at this point… totally went a different route than the recommended yarn….

tree 002

Looks a little like my cat ate Barney and responded as I do when I hear Barney… By puking.

tree 019

This is our vampiress Cat— Truffles Biscotti: AKA Blit. (Short for blitiot) She purrs when you come near her. This saves her life-and her place in our home. Because outside of that- she’s nocturnal (ummm we’re not) she’s clumsy, (falls off of things even though she DOES have her claws…our declawed cat is graceful. Never falls and is Perfect. (Cappucino- AKA: Keeb) She also likes laundry. A LOT.

Things I think everyone should listen to: This weeks “Mars Hill” message originally given to Pastors at an Acts 29 gathering. I rec this for anyone who shares their faith or teaches..

Ravi Zacharias Just Thinking and Let My People Think. For any Christian.

Trinity Church Podcast in Lansing MI— esp this weeks with Mark Kring For anyone.