Copy of flicka prize 001

Life is always an adventure at our house- today was no exception.

For whatever reason- the entire family was up at 5:30 this morning. Watching the news…. when they announced a contest. Blah blah …. random name will be chosen from the correct answers… I laughed- and said-” well I have to win that”…. it was a “Flicka” Movie package- complete with a plush, Noah sized rocking horse from “Red Envelope” …..I booted up my lap top… sent in the answer and a few hours later recieved a phone call…. We won!

Only one catch- you have to show up at the station in person with ID to pick up your prize.

The station is downtown. Ummmmm Detroit. THAT downtown…. I’m always up for an adventure…. but not being overly stupid- I waited till the teens were home and we headed out. (a 6 foot 240 lb guy— is reassuring- even if he is your baby-boy;)

Did I mention before- that I’m a Suburbanista? One who only goes downtown under supervision? Ever since I got lost trying to pick up my marriage liscense. (19 years ago… let’s just say that one ended with me legally married- but crying in my car….not a fun adventure, that day)

The pic above was a corner of a building that was actually striking in the sun. Taken out the sunroof when I was feeling pretty confident…. and before we got to the blocked roads and one-ways….

We made it to the station with minimal trouble… However, The city is blocked off in parts due to the “Motown Winter Blast” I had clear and simple directions to get downtown and back…. with just one little problem…. ummm things were blocked off, seemingly randomly.

A few minor detours… Let’s just say Hart Plaza was lovely today…

A few lefts to make rights … a quick drive through an area with “Exotic Entertainment” to which Noah said— “Yep- that’s the way we should go, Mommy” “I don’t think so- Noah” Said Mommy in response.

And we were finally on our way….

A three hour tour… for a forty minute drive. ADVENTURE.

So- was it worth it? Absolutely. Noah is currently watching “Flicka” While riding his new rocking horse…. eating popcorn and I’m recovering under the comfy fleece blanket that was in the gift basket. Along with a separate 3 DVD Flicka collection, Flicka Movie T and Microwave popcorn.

WDIV Detroit– You ROCK! Thnx for the Prize Package!

Copy of flicka prize 002

flicka prize 004

Hmmmm as for the dirty boy face— we stopped on the way home to pay off our 17 year old body guard/navigator/encourager- Mike- with steak at Applebee’s;) Someone was hitting the ketchup and fries pretty hard, I’d say!

Hmmm as an addendum… Noah’s doing pretty well on his pony— he’s moved quickly to horse back tricks… Standing on one foot. Standing on the saddleholding the pegs by “Flicka’s” ears on ONE FOOT. Hands are now raised over his head… I had no idea how dangerous Rocking horses could be… better move the pillows …. ;)