In the Pic to the right:

center- back & fronts (attached at the shoulders) hood
outer L&R- sleeves

Edges are rolled in……so you can’t really see the shaping at this point.

Had to rip back my fronts. Grrrrrr. I just could NOT get them to line up. (I knit them individually) so- I ripped them back – till they were even – and before the shaping— then put them both on my circs and finished them together.
Highly recommend knitting fronts and sleeves 2 at a time. Harder to keep track the pattern- but it sure makes for easier matching of measurements.

I seamed my shoulders and picked up my stitches for the hood. The hood seems endless. Is it just me? I have a feeling the ribbing yet to come will be even more so! However- at least it’s good tv/movie knitting!

central park hoodie 002

The Knit Along is here: Central Park Hoodie Knit Along
Knit Picks Options Needles- US #5 for ribbing #6 for for rest
A few things that helped:
Counter for cables-(see the little green froggy guy upper rt)
then I used split markers slipped into my increases- de-creases to keep count. (easier than using a separate counter)