Edited to add:

Well the weekend just keeps getting “somethinger” anyways- please pray for the MOPS event- I won’t be able to attend- My youngest got sick (of the tummy type) while I was on my way home from the funeral home today. Please pray for the replacement speaker at the Simulcast- and for my SIL and brother- as the funeral is tomorrow- 3/24/07—-My hubby will be attending- while I attend the toilet with a sick little guy.

Thnx for your prayers- ts

Leadership for Life Summit 2007

March 24, 2007

As a woman, mother and leader you are constantly communicating. This year’s Leadership for Life Summit offers an opportunity to fine tune your communication skills.

Join Elisa Morgan, Liz Selzer and the MOPS International Leadership Development Team to learn more about these specific topics related to effective communications:

Explore assumptions you bring into communication
Identify barriers that hinder communication
Customize responses to improve communication
Learn to clearly communicate the gospel

There will also be time to network and learn from other MOPS leaders. Simulcast live via satellite from Denver, CO to approximately 60 locations across North America. Locations are updated constantly and you can always change your registration, so register now for the site nearest you!

*Cash and check only accepted for on-site registration.

I’ll be attending/speaking at out local site.

Please continue to pray for my SIL, brother and family as her Dad’s funeral will be held on Saturday morning, then they’ll be making a long drive to his burial site. (I’ll be attending the simulcast after the funeral)

For more information on MOPS International– please visit the website at!