Cell phone rings:

“Ummmmm, Mom? Noah’s throwing up” I hear the man-like voice of my oldest, describing his current adventure in vomit.

I was on my way home from the funeral home.

“Pat his back and tell him it’s ok. Daddy will be there in a couple of minutes…I’ll stop for popsicles, crackers and juice.” The weekends to do list have taken a major turn.

Noah had complained of a sore ear a couple days ago. No tears- no fuss- just one comment.

He tends to get an upset tummy from an ear infection. So I assume “Ear infection” and plan the trip to urgent care.

We fed him popsicles and ibuprophen (every mom’s healing balm) then a temperature lowering dip in the tub.

The visit to urgent care proved me wrong (what’s up with that? I thought I was Dr. Mom?) Not an ear infection, Strep. YUK.

No speaking. Daddy was sent to the funeral…….. we’re on the couch, trying to taste the difference between red and purple popsicles. Daylight savings time is no longer ruling the house- the next dose of ibuprophen is.

Thnx for praying – what a week.

pic from here– Stuffed animals in the shape of common virus’ and bacteria…. there’s a “cuddle” to avoid…..