If I start my day with Dayquil…

Continue my day by snorting cleaning chemicals…..

and finish my day with Nyquil……

Does that mean I have a problem?

Or, could I simply be a Mom with a virus, in the middle of spring cleaning??????

My typical day-over the course of this weekend:
1) Take my drugs.
2) Feed people.
3) Clean up the mess.
4) Sit on the couch.
5) Wait for drugs to work.

Once the drugs go into effect:
1) Clean something I just cleaned, yesterday.
2) Clean something new, that will need cleaning again, tomorrow.
3) Throw in a load of laundry.
4) Collapse on couch and watch clock until I can take drugs again….
5) Fold laundry. Place in basket. Don’t put it away. I’m sure this is because I desperately need a visual reminder of today’s housekeeping progress, NOT because I soooooo hate putting laundry away;)

Things I heard today:

“Mom I’m done with my tub…. I’m all Pringley” (As I can’t remember whether this child has ever seen a PRUNE.. Pringley as opposed to pruney could be a more apt description…..)

“I wish I had a reset button(To which I replied: “Me too, Noah, Me too” )

Evidence of trippy spring cleaning:
Dryer lint is bothering me.

It creates a flammable, mystery coating over everything in my laundry room. I need to put a garbage can closer to the washer so I don’t “float” it across the room anymore… (Although, making a basket with dryer lint from 6 feet away is sometimes way up there on my list of daily accomplishments. )

For about 3 seconds, I wondered if there could be some valuable re-purposing of dryer lint. Apparently, I’m not the first to wonder about….making paper… or spinning with lint….. Don’t call my next of kin to have me admitted… I got over it.

However- I have managed to fry the rubber backing, on every throw rug in the house. Just a PSA to remember to ajust dryer temperature between towels and throw rugs. FYI- It turns into lovely crumbles- resembling beige bacon bits, when tossed about the salad-like mess of my laundry room. (Can you tell today was clean the laundry room day?)

Today’s shocking experience:
Vacuuming the cold air returns. I suppose I don’t pay attention to them… but, OH MY WORD! DISGUSTING! They have been functioning as special dust-scented room fresheners, I’m sure.
Can you tell I’m avoiding cleaning the big bath-tub??????????

I think I’ll take a nap.

Knitting content:
Well- as cold medicine and following a pattern are not a great blend- not much! Still on the sleeves of my pink CPH.

Dear Lord- please help me balance getting rest and getting the spring cleaning done… and mostly- Lord- please help me with my attitude… I want to serve with gladness… not with crankiness- amen.