Knitting in short time increments, can still result in finished objects.


Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Yarn- Rio De La Plata sock wt in “Harbour Blue” Here-to-fore to be known as robin’s eggs in the shade blue;)

And Lavold Silky wool… in a color as close to birds nest as I could find. Yes- again with the eggs and nest theme….this time in knit! I did it for the “Inspired by Nature Knit Along”


Chevron Scarf from Domesticat

Artyarns handpaint silk- “pink/orange” colorway and “olive green”

I also finished the other chevron in artyarns silk- no Finished objects pic…. it was a special gift. I needed to get in the mail…for someone I know online going thru treatment for brain cancer. (Please pray for Heather……click the Pray for Heather button to the left for more of her story)

I have been on an internet hiatus- (more like a self imposed grounding) my habits around online time had just gotten out of hand… it’s like going down a rabbit hole- a couple of hours go by in the blink of an eye. I’m also having even more (worse) e-mail problems… hate that.

Another bout of strep is also coursing through the house……looks like nice weather isn’t going to the be cure. I REALLY HATE THAT. Last week it was the oldest- this week the little one.

I am beginning to wonder if there is a streptococcus mary (or mark) among us… could one of us be a carrier? Could it be the cats? They’ve been known to like the kitchen faucet. (which I then, of course have to disinfect every 30 minutes or so…)

And that is what’s happening at my house…. how bout you? (End of incoherent update)

Non-knitters look away!

Quick. Knitters. Two of the Yarn Harlots books just became available on ITUNES! Yes—- listening to stories about knitting, while knitting! Fyi- Stephanie is both a fab knitter and excellant writer. Her writing draws you in, she is a writer and a knitter…. not a writer of knitting. I’m quite confident she could write on whatever topic she chose.

Booksellers- stop selling this woman as a knitting book signing- its a BOOK signing. That is all. Going to administer more ibuprophen.