Knitting- this time it’s a mystery to me too! I’m bit less than half way through clue 3. My goal? 10 rows per weekday. (Yes, I am a freak. I gave myself a knitting quota…) I know. I know. Shut up.

It’s a rainy-ish overcast day.. which didn’t exactly make for beautiful pics. Honestly-I have absolutely NO CLUE what the theme for this stole could be… I’ll just keep knitting.

I suppose I have another update too… the bee that stung me a couple of weeks ago?
(go a head scroll down to the pic, I’ll wait)

The one that had me running across the yard screaming, swearing off yard work for ever? Remember how I was sure there were hundreds more chasing me?

Well- the lawnguy (who came to clean up the mess I had made of the bushes in the front yard during the escapade) let me know he DID have freinds. A whole nest of them DID come pouring out when he yanked the remnants of the bushes.

I’m baking him blueberry muffins. Even though they didn’t get him. (my homeowners policy holder breathes a sigh of relief)

A new Chevron scarf- (to balance out the lace knitting)

daisys painting 078

This one was inspired by a pot of african violets. I’d show you a pic of those— but my cat likes to eat just about every flower that comes into the house.

Apparently, he thinks violets are truffles, Or some such cat nonsense.

Till tomorrow- some flowers that cat has yet to eat:

daisys painting 047