Hmm. The Theme? I love it.

Melanie has already revealed it- Swan Lake.

I’ve already downloaded the music to my ipod, and am currently listening to it— while I think. Doesn’t classical music make you smarter???? (crosses fingers as what lies ahead will surely involve math) At any rate-I’m hoping it will help solve my knitting dilemma.

The next clue in the mystery stole takes a lovely and interesting turn… but it isn’t my style- it’s asymetrical. When it comes to symmetry I’m OCD. So, now I have to think.

What to do?

1) Rip back and knit as recommended for a symmetrical version? (kudo’s for the ever considerate Melanie for adding this option)

2) Plow ahead with the asymmetrical design… not convinced I’ll like it?

3) Stop at row 334. Cast on and knit again to row 331 then graft at the center point?

4) Stop at 334, cast on and knit to same- grafting at the center point?

5) Stop where I am- cast on for second half and figure it all out later?????

I think I’ll be taking option number 5…….

I’m also starting a campaign to pester, I mean encourage… Romi– of Designs by Romi to design a lovely swan pin to go with this shawl…….go ahead…visit her site….leave her a message or send an e-mail…..either way stop by and see her beautiful work!

I’m packing up to go to Traverse City…a week on the beach…Ahhhhhhhhh…..

I’ll be writing. I’ll be knitting. I’ll be fishing. I’ll be swimming. I’ll be sunning. I’ll be taking loads of pics…I’ll be spinning. I’ll be playing in the sand. I’ll be drawing and painting…. The boys will be fishing, swimming and playing.

But my poor Hubby will be working. Poor guy. But that’s our ticket to the beach- thnx honey;)

PS— wanna know whats HIGHLY annoying? When you spend a 100 bucks on Bose in-ear headphones for your ipod and the cord shorts out just past the warranty- so you end up listening to Swan Lake as it alternates between STEREO and MONO……

Worse yet?- I have a pretty substantial hearing loss in one ear so the effect is doubly annoying…. Gonna hafl to head to Target for new headphones before I leave…..any reccommendations for in ear easy to fit in with your Ipod earphones with great sound?????

Less rambling more coherency next post. (Let’s hope;)