1) Today is my b-day!

2) I am a Christian.

3) I have 3 sons….

4) I have had one son in each of the last three decades….1989, 1992 and 2002.

5) I’ve been married to my highschool sweet heart since 1988.

6) He’s my favorite person. (Yes- I think he’s funny- though don’t always laugh at his jokes;)

7) I love my friends.

8) I like to knit.

9) I love to write- I am working on a book.. and have another idea set to go;)

10) I love public speaking. (Let’s face it- I love talking! ;)

11) I have been involved in MOPS International for nearly 17 years. As a MOPPET Coordinator, MOPS Coordinator, MOPS Mentor, Council Coordinator and now- MAC- Ministry Advancement Coordinator. I’m passionate about mothering and equipping women to be Moms.

12) I once had a run in with a stuck in the pan- pan of brownies… the brownies won. I ended up in a cast for 5 weeks! (I’ll spare you the gory details- suffice to say- I know what it looks and feels like to drive a knife through your hand)

13) I always line my brownie pans with parchment paper now- NO MORE Stuck brownies.

14) I’ve worn glasses since Kindergarten- though hid them in my book bag for years.

15) In elementry school- I had a full set of leg braces to “fix” my pigeon-toed feet.

16) They were made of cabling ending in “ORTHOPEDIC” shoes with hinges at the hip and ankle— they squeaked.

17) Those years of shoe deprivation (or however long I wore them) probably led to my deep appreciation of- (some may say obsession with ) pretty shoes.

18) I love photography.

19) We camp. (have a trailer with a/c ;) I know- we suffer- it’s really roughing it;)

20) I’m a morning person.

21) I love water. I love beaches.

22) I love to read.

23) I was a pastoral counselor for about 13 years.

24) I love working with children.

25) I need “alone time”

26) I hate yellow. (But, wish I didn’t- it’s such a happy color;)

27) I don’t “Do” yard/garden work- unless under threat of death or lawsuit or conviction.

28) I’ve had acrylic nails for just about EVAH.

29) My hair has been the following colors- Red, burgundy, blonde, black, various shades of brown, eggplant- and accidently- once Purple. (Never buy haircolor on clearance- is all I’m sayin)

30) I can spin wool to yarn.

31) My life in crafting- Crochet in the 80’s- then years of cross stitch, quilting, scrapbooking, photography, knitting.

32) My parents are divorced and happily remarried.

33) My dad is a recovering addict- (multiple addictions- glad he’s sober)

34) I homeschooled my two oldest sons for a few years- my youngest will be homeschooled until I can get him into a charter school .

35) I have visited- Greece- Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Italy- Venice, Germany- Munich, Austria- Salzburg. I love travel- we also go to Traverse City, Michigan a couple times a year- (It’s beautiful)

36) Someday I want to go to: Ireland, Wales, England, France, New Zeeland and Australia.

37) I can read upside down.

38) I hate having my picture taken- DO NOT like how I look in pics.

39) To me- being a Christian is about following God- where-ever and however He leads me. Since I don’t take “direction” well….. that can lead to come pretty interesting paths;) I fall down on that journey ALOT… but it’s His grace that picks me up- dusts me off and carries me along.