Hemlock Ring- in progress of bind off! This has been a fast an lovely knit!

You can find my project “stat’s” and pattern links here.

The flickr grid above should be clickable to the individual pics.

I snuck in a pic of what arrived at my house yesterday- the new Knitpicks Harmony needles-
I’ll post a full review later- but suffice to say that:
1) they are beautiful
2) they are smoother than almost every other wood needles I’ve bought.
3) the price-point is great especially when compared to the few other makers of laminated wood needles.
4) points are sharp
5) they will match every project I work on…yet have enough contrast to clearly see even black or similar dark yarns.
6) did I already say they are smooooooooth and pretty????????

ravelry users- don’t forget- I’m at soltrcy;)