Happy Birthday!

1) His birthday: October 7, 1966

2) He asked me to “go with him” at 10:22 p.m May 22, 1985. On the phone.

3) He is the best Dad I have ever met.

4) He makes people laugh.

5) He is incredibly intelligent.

6) He is gifted in connecting with people.

7) He can cry in a manly way.

8) Watching him worship makes me want to worship God with more abandon. (Yeah- maybe I would if I wasn’t watchin my man;)

9) He’s got legs;)

10) He likes me. (Sometimes I truly wonder why!)

11) He likes his kids. (I don’t wonder why bout this one;)

12) He talks to me about his work….like I can understand it. (which helps me get it;)

13) He has a quick sense of humor. Lightening speed, actually. You never know when a zinger is coming.

14) He had spinal meningitis as a young child. (remembers the spinal tap… poor thing)

15) Has overcome incredible odds with God’s help.

16) Used to be afraid to fly. (Like, we drove to FLA on our honeymoon afraid) He’s not anymore. Can you say frequent flyer?

17) He’s a man of courage. (defined as: one who does not experience the absense of fear, but moves forward in it’s presense.)

18) He introduced me to Jesus.

19) He hunts deer. (mostly I still think “ewe” about that… but- it is a “man thing” and is an awesome opportunity for my guys to connect….and give me a bit of “quiet time” ;)

20) He likes our bad beagle…. but doesn’t admit it often.

21) He used to hate cats. He likes ours.

22) He is a man who can listen.

23) And talk. About anything.

24) He “bought” 2 robes from our honeymoon hotel…. (in Disney world.. for one night) he wore the original for 17 years.  Still has it’s threadbare self folded up in the hope chest with my wedding gown.

25) He married me twice. (renewed our vows)

26) He’s taken me to many of the countries on my “to visit before I croak” list.

27) He gets up early with my highschoolers. Sometimes makes them eggs for breakfast.

28) He’s the kind of guy who will go to the store at 10:00 p.m. for baked goods to calm a craving… whether you’re pregnant, or NOT.

29) He’s also the kind of guy who will buy you a present no huge reason- but if you’re pregnant- it might be a huge pink t-shirt with elephants on it. He will swear he thought they were bears. He will never buy you elephant themed paraphernalia whether you’re pregnant, or not.

30) Every year he’ll drive you to the airport at “too early o clock in the morning, so you can attend MOPS Convention… then he’ll return home to keep the kids and pets from killing each other and destroying the house for 5 days……

31) He will come to understand and even appreciate your “thing” for cameras and photography.

32) He won’t gripe about the additional “thing” for knitting… but may not understand it.

33) He love hand knit slippers. (fiber trends clogs…these make knitting acceptable)

34) He thinks I’m a hottie… even at 900 months pregnant with son #3.

35) He loves summer and a/c.

36) He loves home made potato soup and grilled cheese.

37) He is a classic meat n potatos kind of guy. (Don’t send him to the grocery store- he’ll arrive home with pounds of meat- but nothing to go with it;)

38) He can do a “walk-thru” of a computer problem via the phone- and even solve it.

39) He married me on: October 15, 1988.

40) He can think both “inside” and “outside” the box when needed.

41) He is the best, most loving, most fantabulous, incredible, men evah.

Happy Birthday Husband! I love you!