thuja socks

 Hunting socks for my guys- big and small;)

Thuja pattern from knitty.

 I used Moda Dea Washable wool-

Big socks- US #6’s as per pattern

For the tiny socks- I used US 3’s- cast on fewer stitches and knit to foot measurements- just use a multiple of 4- np.


 Easy to adapt- and finished both pair in just a couple of days.

Now- they will be ready for Noah’s first time out hunting with the big boys;)

(Daddy has taken them into the woods for the first time when they turned 5)  May need to make a Noah hat with some more of this wool- and probably mittens too;)  Can we really carry the matchy thing too far?  I think not

sp 11All the gooodies this weekend were not for someone else;)

The happiest package arrived from my (new) SP 11!!!!

A gorgeous new journal – (love the tooling on the cover) and beautiful silk bend mystical creation lace-weight!  There WAS chocolate… but well… there isn’t anymore;)

There is also an adorable yarn ball/ knitting needles stitch marker- WAY cute- THNX so much!  SP !!!!!!